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A friend came to my house just to hang out during junior high (which I understand is an archaic term now). We decided to eat some rhubarb, and 821 more words


Tame Parakeets (Tanka)

tame parakeets  
chattering to one another –  
content in their space –  
when the door opens  
heavy skies beckon  

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Is The Grass Really Greener?

It’s 5:30, and a hard working man has just walked in the kitchen door from a long day of work. He’s greeted by a stressed out momma still in her pajamas, with wild blonde hair that obviously hasn’t been washed or even brushed all day. 831 more words


Redeeming Passion {Pathos pt.2}

I’ve been lingering over Psalm 73 for nearly a week now. It takes us on a journey through the emotional landscape of one man—a worship leader named Asaph.He pours out this song that traces the contours of his own soul, laying bare its bright peaks, dark valleys and shadowy edges. 999 more words


Quote of the Day 22-Oct-2012: On Restlessness

“Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man I will show you a failure.”

-Thomas Edison

Quote Of The Day

Zeitgeists and the King of Soul

People talk about “the zeitgeist” of an historical period as if it were one spirit.  But in reality, the events of any particular epoch reflect several spiritual compulsions or visions that hover amongst the human hearts and minds of that age. 910 more words


Today I speak of nothingness

But discontent and tired chest

I look to far and distant place

To things I love, things I embrace

when all you do seem futile and plain… 8 more words