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I have a lot to be ashamed about. There’s how I acted in school and there was my troubles as an adult. I’m not completely done with that because I’m missing out on so much. 73 more words

My Life

Wanting Something Different

As the Buddhist teachings say, “to live you must experience suffering.” Throughout life, it’s natural to endure sickness, injury, tiredness, and old age. However, when we look at our emotional suffering, such as loneliness, doubt, frustration, fear, embarrassment, anger, jealousy, disappointment, etc., these feelings are more difficult to accept. 477 more words

Stress Management

Questioning My Decisions

I’m beginning to regret myself. I can’t help either. I’m not satisfied because I always have to play it safe. What I’m doing is surviving. That’s different than living. 68 more words

My Life

I Have a Life

I’m tired of this. I have a life to live and people in this family expect to stop what I’m doing just because they want me to do something for them. 65 more words

My Life

Erased the Picture

 I finally got around to delete that picture.  I shouldn’t be bragging and support cutting.  Now I don’t know whether I should delete the entire post or leave it up and hope erasing the picture won’t give it much traffic.  72 more words


My Mundane Life

What am I getting out of life?  Everyday is just a pointless rehash of the previous day.  It’s sad to admit that.  What do I have to hide?  83 more words

My Life

Euphoric/Dysphoric Haiku

Strands of I

When I am wholly

at peace, bifurcated (k)not:

tallow’s tail — docked, snuffed.

Untitled, rhyming 1

This patchwork world frays

arrayed lives, brocaded days. 125 more words