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I really hate washing dishes...

Box #2 – Opening the door to greatness.

So those who know me well know that I am the farthest from being domesticated. My specialties… 608 more words

The Fruits of a Lesser Discontent

I don’t mean to imply that all great ideas or outcomes—or at least all of my ideas or outcomes—arise from states of discontent. Some have been the result of a logical progression of thought or activity. 503 more words


Lebanon and Domestic Violence

Marking International Women’s Day in Beirut this year was a march protesting against domestic violence. According to an article first published by Aljazeera, the issue first rose to public attention when Lebanese “took to social media following the deaths of two women, in order to condemn a seven month delay in passing the domestic violence law”.  508 more words

The suffering of change.

It is said that in this samsara there is not as much
As a pinpoint’s worth of happiness to be found.
But should one happen to find just a little, 21 more words

Daily Dharma Quotes

Queen of Ordinary Avoids Lava Hearts - April 14, 2014

I’ve called myself to task recently for saying negative things or allowing myself to feel critical.  I’m not usually like this, but sometimes I let the negative things and negative people in my life stick to me like a burr.  260 more words

Daily Life

~~Waking up~~

Waking up is so hard because I do not want to be where I am.  Minister Joel Olsteen is talking about being content where you are….that we must learn to be content. 50 more words

missing egypt

Spring fever hits hard for me nearly every year. Temperatures creep up, flowers bloom, and the siren song wafts around my head. I find myself itching to impulsively book a flight to some exotic locale and live the life of perpetual vacation – no budget, no work, just simply fun. 513 more words