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The Pursuit of Freedom

Something that has been dawning on me in recent months is the disparity of the world we live in across nations; socially, economically and politically.  Highly developed countries such as the USA and the UK have formed a matrix of complex structures which all contribute to our high-consumerists, democratic and protected way of life. 392 more words

Oh Well

I’m getting discharged from AES because I don’t want to find a new job. Why do people hate me so much? This is all on me though. 71 more words

My Life

Why Do I Even Try?

It appears that someone only wants something to do with me when it’s convenient for them.  I feel useless.  I want to cut, but why even bother?  104 more words

My Life

Dropping Treatment Soon?

No one still knows what drove me to start cutting.  It has to do with how everyone treats me.  I feel more isolated now than ever.  105 more words

My Life

School Transcript?

I’ve been thinking about requesting my school transcript.  I don’t know if I should do that because I don’t want to feel worse about myself than I already do.  84 more words

My Life

Christian Contentment

I recently read a book called “The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment” by Jeremiah Burroughs. This is a powerful book, that helps a Christian understand how to be content regardless of their circumstances. 611 more words