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I Hate This Treatment

I’m tired of being taken advantage of.  I can’t do anything without someone getting upset with me.  Everyone does this also.  Is that why I’m acting the way I am?  58 more words

My Life

What Am I Doing?

What am I doing with my life!? I don’t understand how I could be so unhappy. I need to do things that will bring me joy. 72 more words

My Life

Making a List and Checking it Twice....

Being thankful is a huge step towards becoming contented. If I list out the things I am thankful for it helps put my life in perspective. 241 more words


Not Feeling That Great

I ended up cutting kind of bad last night. I want to do that again, but with an exception. I won’t get medical attention. Why would I want to? 69 more words


I'm a Burden

I feel like a burden. It seems like all I do is bother everyone. I have no one to turn to when I feel like this. 74 more words

My Life


Sometimes it seems like suicide is the only way to solve my problems. I cut too deep last night and I was close to being petitioned. 77 more words

My Life

For Such a Time as This

Recently, as hubby was cleaning up after dinner, I was griping to him about a frustration or two in my day. I think I may have done this too much lately. 505 more words