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A Christmas Poem

Every year Alex’s grandfather (aka: Grandy!) writes a beautiful Christmas poem and we wanted to share this year’s edition with you…we pray you will be encouraged during this Christmas season!) 304 more words


Recirculating Problems

My trusty car, Maggot, developed a problem as soon as the weather turned cold. Actually, the problem existed before frosty mornings became the norm, but we weren’t aware of it until we actually needed a fully functioning defrost system. 449 more words


“I Read an Article That Said…”

Too often do I encounter people who bring to me scientific “proofs” that it is impossible to learn a language beyond a certain age / impossible to learn X amount of languages / impossible to get a native-like accent beyond a certain age. 369 more words


Feel like quitting? "Take courage!"

John Piper comments on Haggai 2

Most of you have known the discouragement of feeling that what you are doing for Christ is of so little significance that you may as well quit.

104 more words

The Disease of Discouragement

For some reason, I’ve encountered a series of events that have led me to be very discouraged, but they all have helped me to learn some lessons, which I’ve written about recently. 347 more words

upon grace

What do I need to write on a long day of December rain? What do I need to write on a day when I’ve simply felt pale blue?  401 more words


A prisoner's Christmas: Insights about how Jesus came to Earth - and why

This Christmas marks the third year Idaho pastor Saeed Abedini has been separated from his family.

Abedini, an American citizen, is currently serving an eight-year sentence… 446 more words