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The Neurochemistry of Storytelling

Two things to check out today:

1) This video on how storytelling molds the human brain and affects our capacity to empathize.

2) A photo of my date, caught by surprise at the Helen Hayes Awards (DC’s theatre awards, aka “DramaProm”). 15 more words


Random Data Dump

Here are several things that I have been watching and reading recently that I found to be quite interesting, provocative, and yet erudite.

These first two are some selections from Gnostic Media by Jan (pronounced Yan) Irvin, an incisive researcher who gets some of the most remarkable interviews on the web, hands down. 534 more words

On The Premises ~ Community Discourse

As I am nearing the end of this project, I think I am hitting my favorite point. I am being asked to go back through my other discourses and find the overarching narrative, or the Diegesis of my MyStory. 530 more words


Math Talk Community

Why is it acceptable to dismiss math by saying “I’m not good at math!” or “I suck at math, don’t ask me!” Society has made it ok to acknowledge freely that we are awful at math and it is completely normal. 533 more words

I don’t become an Indian just because you were looking for one

Some days ago, I was doing a little research about depiction of Indians in Hollywood movies, and guess what I found many articles, essays and books about it. 515 more words


Revisiting Research Questions

I’ve been doing a lot more research than normal these days, through interviews via:

  • Online forums – a great way to reach devout subcultures
  • In-person…
  • 335 more words

Here Lies Brandon...

As I contemplate throwing another cigarette butt to the ground, I look around me and see my neighborhood –upper-middle class suburban– and notice just how “clean” it really is. 275 more words