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DAY 4: Monday July 21st: Sex and Sexuality! Patterned Fluidities: How does sex, impact gender, impact sexuality, impact sex?

First off: I’m loving these posts. You all are clearly taking the time to think carefully about the readings and their inclusive topics AND are taking the time to respond to one another in real discussion.  1,901 more words

What Is This?

SP: Principles Reflection

After conducting my two initial interviews, and once the data had been gathered and organized, it became necessary to analyze and code the data in such a way so that it would pertain directly to the Synthesis Project and the questions that existed therein. 400 more words

The Category of “Religion” in Organizing Contemporary Societies

British sociologist of religion, James A. Beckford, writes on the opening page of his 2003 book Social Theory and Religion that “disputes about what counts as religion, and attempts to devise new ways of controlling what is permitted under the label of religion have all increased” ( 1,121 more words

Critical Religion

In The Name Of Religion

When we pick up an issue like whether religion is overrated, we are actually trying to look for an alternate which is less hyped and more efficacious. 1,125 more words


Synthesis Project: Rough Draft

(Sample cover letter for submission of research paper)

Steven Dyhdalo
Marketing Major, Wayne State University


To whom it may concern,

It is my desire to submit a new research study entitled “” for consideration. 1,644 more words

Something I realized after sitting in a parked car for an hour with my best friend

When you talk with someone you know, you tell each other things. You tell a story – describe an event or a person or a plan – and then they share a related one from their own experience, and this continues. 62 more words