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Research Journal 5

Discourse is not only the way people in a certain community communicate, but it is also related to the way they live their lives. By this, I mean they also believe, value, and do what they are writing about. 283 more words

Research Journal

DELTA Course: Week 6

Need to catch up? Start back at Week 1 and continue on from there.


Monday: A nice, if slightly rushed, input session by J on  529 more words


A photo a day - transformation

I picked up my late mum’s remains today. The activity generated lots of questions. Do I label the photo “mum”? Is this a photo of mum? 49 more words


Daehangno Poster Session 1

Every time I go to Daehangno, having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I wander through the small alleyways. 242 more words


Is it Ever Worth the Life of a Child?

Yes.  Many.

And apparently you all agree…

So… we are all OK with killing kids…


You lie… when it comes to the Wheel.

Not only do we not seem to care, we Promote and Celebrate the use of  the Wheel as milestones in our children’s lives.  382 more words

Biomarkers and Dualism (after Nietzsche)

To criticise the dominant, bioreductionist paradigms in psychiatry and psychology risks is to invite to supposedly scandalous epithets –  ‘anti-psychiatrist’ and ‘Cartesian dualist’.

Yet to distinguish between disciplines – on the one hand, those with historical, discursively-constructed objects (such as linguistics, or history) as against the ‘hard’ sciences (such as mathematics, or physics) – implies nothing in the order of mind/body dualism. 192 more words