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SOAPSTone: Week 09/22-09/29

This week I want to talk about the rhetorical situation and address “The Myth of Direct Discourse” once again, which was previously mentioned in “Of Words and Wizards”.   1,330 more words


The Value of Anonymity

Two of the results of the widespread availability of the virtual printing press that is the internet are an increase in published criticism and, in reaction to that increase in criticism, an increased demand for people to publish their material, and particularly their critical material, under their own names. 285 more words


Perelman: The Realm of Rhetoric

Perelman, Chaim. The Realm of Rhetoric. Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 1990.

Perelman builds on Aristotle’s theory of rhetoric to return the dialectic to prominence, and to better unite rhetoric and philosophy. 336 more words


Our usages are turned-around.

Academic “diversity” should refer to intellectual discourses, while educational “disadvantage” should refer to sociological structures.


Literally, texts “woven together,” interlaced, intertwined, as it were. Another metaphor, culture. Both rounded up to the nearest thousand in the social fabric of meaning, the ethno-looms of sense making.

Digital Artwork

Doing 'Discourse' (Part I): Situating and Qualifying CDA

The main problems Chilton considers in his chapter on ‘Missing links in mainstream CDA’ (published in this volume) have to do with CDA’s foundational claims. Taking inspiration from Chilton’s book chapter, I would identify three of these claims, namely that: 597 more words