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Communicate Harder!

I am constantly questioning my motives, and my decision making process. My process is more or less, do I want to do do this, if yes I do it, or attempt to do it. 1,372 more words


Research Journal 5

James Paul Gee wrote “Literacy, Discourse, and Linguistics: Introduction”, throughout the passage he goes into depth about discourse and the different types of communities within them. 453 more words

'Hey, at least he was a Satanist, not an Atheist.'

In 1992 the Fantoft Stavkirk in the borough of Fana in Bergen, Norway burned to the ground.  Originally erected in the mid-12th century in Eastern Sognefjord, and then transported in the 19th century to its present location, it was the first in a string of church burnings to take place in the early 1990s. 2,640 more words

Flight Part 2

A man, pure cobalt eyes.
Blue suit, red boots and cape.
Yellow shield on his chest,
a red “S” in the middle.

He crouches down, leg muscles… 281 more words


Food for Thought-Thoughts on the Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

Have you ever been to a concentration camp? I’ve stood on the site where Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed at the Flossenburg camp in Germany. On this occasion, I felt evil as a tangible presence. 416 more words

Food For Thought

Takacs, S. How to Teach Popular Culture - A Teaching Workshop 1/26/2015

“How to Teach Popular Culture” 1/26/2015 – Stacy Takacs workshop

Teaching popular culture versus teaching through popular culture – there IS a difference!

First, how to define culture: beliefs and practices, material culture – symbol systems – “the glue that holds systems together” and cement social relations… 668 more words

Pop Culture

Takacs, Stacy. Interrogating Popular Culture: Key Questions.

Takacs, Stacy. 2015. Interrogating Popular Culture: Key Questions. New York: Taylor and Francis.

Chapter 4 – “What is the Object of Popular Culture Study?”

Study of culture as study of systems of representation – use of ‘texts’ to describe a representational system a la movie, clothing, books, etc. 1,076 more words

Gender Theory