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Finding Fast-Fading Footprints

Click the link to read my recent article (Discover Magazine, Oct. 2014) about the 900,00 year old human (homo antecessor) footprints found by Chris Stringer’s research team in May of 2013. 104 more words

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Tiny monsters, continued

Real-life creepy bugs are one of my favorite science-related topics. Not sure why — maybe because it combines monsters and science.

Here’s the latest. First, we have book scorpions. 274 more words

#SharkWeek: Fact AND Fiction

It’s that time of year again, Discovery’s Shark Week kicks off for a whole week of shark-related stories, documentaries, raw video footage, and more.  I get sucked into this just as much as anyone else, but it’s important to keep in mind that not everything shown on Shark Week is fact… especially not recently. 208 more words


The Multiverse Theory

Human knowledge has never ceased to expand as our horizon widens. We used to think that it was us, our planet, that was the epicenter of the universe. 469 more words


Are GMO scientists Nazi's? Do anti-GMO terrorists exist? #science #antiscience

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) are certainly a controversial topic these days, especially because when most people think of GMO’s they think of seeds and the corporate greed associated with Monsanto. 411 more words


Hooked on science? Discover Magazine shares readers' scientific stories #science

When did you get hooked on science? The answer for a number of Discover magazine readers are summarized by Carl Engelking. The snippets and stories are great. 233 more words