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Jesus Tweeting ... Fiery Furnace

You have a hard time believing that anyone loves you. I wish I could convince you of the incessant burning of my heart for you. It is a fiery furnace of flames consuming Me. All for you, dear one.

Jesus Tweeting

Put a Little Oom-pah in Your Life

Living abroad means that I sometimes crave the things that I take for granted at home. Like a German newspaper, the obligatory “Tatort” crime series ritual each Sunday, fresh pretzels and white sausages, or even things I would complain about in Munich. 352 more words


30 most beautiful small towns in the world

The best part about travelling is discovering quaint obscure places that are far away from the crowded tourist spots. This (photo above) is Tenby, Wales a picturesque town equipped with a bountiful harbour with access to the Irish Sea and Atlantic Ocean. 10 more words

Water in My Little World.

Class finally ended in my stomach’s cry for food, only to find out it was raining! :/ No wonder my knees’ been hurting since last night. 572 more words


How far is it?

Is it on the other side of the scale? Always I thought it is the exact opposite. But with every experience worth remembering it feels like its much closer. 145 more words


Faces Living North of 7: The Family Buisness

“The business has been owned by my family for 72 years and I have been back here for 23 years.”

“Why did you leave?”

“I went away to school and play hockey.” 16 more words