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2014 Discovery: Rave Pasig

So Zian right here beside me is my adventure buddy. Today, we discovered a place in Pasig (Philippines) called Rave. It’s basically an open park with lots of activities like swimming, butterfly garden, zoo, obstacle course, boating, picnic, camping, etc. 209 more words


My very own personal soundcloud

My soundcloud profile where I repost everything that I listen to… and that I like ! New bands, new songs, discoveries or just rediscoveries → FOLLOW ME ! 20 more words


2014 Discovery: Zark's Burgers

Today’s discovery is not much of a new thing for most people. I know this place had been around for quite some time now but I only got to try it out earlier. 155 more words

Personal Review

Discovery (for me) -- Racing Glaciers, O>L>A

I haven’t had as much time as I’d like lately to look for new music I might like, which I suppose is simply part of having a real job and a few too many things planned in my spare time.   295 more words


Cuptain Cakes' New Flavor

The other day, we saw our friends from Cuptain Cakes by chance. They told us they had a new flavor (and by new, it is still unnamed) and seeing how good it looked, I decided to check it out. 210 more words