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Discrimination Because of Gender (Female, Male or Trans) Is Just Wrong—It’s Time To Eliminate It!

October has seen widespread and diverse media coverage on transgender issues in the United States. If you’ve accidentally landed on E! News while channel surfing recently, you’ll know that ex-playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson is going through a rough patch with her husband Hank Baskett after he allegedly… 1,018 more words


Rush Limbaugh On Viral Street Harassment Video: "It Was Just Men Being Polite" (DETAILS)

When Hollaback, an anti-street harassment organization, released a video of actress Shoshana B. Roberts enduring more than 100 catcalls while walking in New York City streets, we weren’t surprised at the amount of men dismissing how horrific street harassment really is. 349 more words


The New York City "Hoodie" Debate

If you don’t live in New York City you probably have never heard about the “hoodie debate”. Apparently some stores in Harlem are banning customers from wearing hoodies inside their stores because the clothing blocks video surveillance cameras from seeing faces. 465 more words


Tim Cook And The Big Gay Apple

This past Thursday, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, announced that he is in fact gay.  I need to thank my friend and LGBT ally, Jennifer Carey, for inspiring me to write this story. 242 more words



The sparkles of fire touch her body
And she lights up like a bon fire
Fire growing fierce and bigger
Her patience to be admire… 155 more words

There was no reason to blog about this because:

It’s no ones business.
It’s who many people are. Accept it.
It makes no difference.
It is finally acceptable.
It’s life.
It’s love
It’s no big deal anymore.
It’s long overdue.

Misogyny Much? Definitive Proof That Fox News Hates Women (LIST)

It’s no secret.

Fox News isn’t going to receive an award for best news network this year. They’ve proved time and time again that discussing sexism, racism – or any euphemism for things that don’t fit into the conservative box –  537 more words