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Did You Know?...(10)

It’s always interesting to learn something new, even a little embarrassing at times. Especially when that ‘something’ new is about your own hometown of which you had no clue. 635 more words


Positive Discrimination My Ass

Positive discrimination? Really? There’s no such thing, it’s bullshit. If it’s discrimination then it’s not positive.

For those who don’t know “positive” discrimination is where you have a choice, in a job for example, between a white male and someone who is not white or not male. 608 more words

A Weighty Issue

Weight bias and discrimination has the potential to become the new racism. Are you an “obesist”? Or a “fatist” (as they like to call it in my office)? 329 more words


Discrimination of Disabled Students & Student Loans (Rerun)

This show is focused on the discrimination found with student loan debt, financial aid, and the lack of accommodations promised at admission. Several students, Veterans, teachers, and supporters of White Apple Institute lead the discussion about how they have been denied completion of their educational goals because of discrimination related to their disability. 87 more words

Oy, Woody Allen, again with the controversy. Now its race.

Allen has a great response, saying he has black friends in the entertainment industry — Chris Rock is mentioned, so is Spike Lee — but they don’t socialize. 22 more words

Help A Sista Out: Study Finds Women & Minorties Are Punished For Helping Each Other At Work

A new study has uncovered a confusing double standard about promoting diversity in the office.

Climbing the social ladder is sometimes a daunting task on its own. 395 more words


Time To Change

I’m loving the amount of people all across the world who are fighting to change the stigma of those subject to mental health difficulties. Not only am I offering to help by maintaining this blog but I am also now officially signed up to volunteer to be a champion for an organization called… 30 more words