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Redefining Disability Project #1 — Welcome  

Hello, everyone and welcome to the Redefining Disability Project! I’m excited to have you here, and would like to thank my collaborator and fellow Evil Genius, and… 398 more words

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Disability Solidarity: Ferguson, MO 2014

Because this is more than a moment, this is a movement. Because we’re all invested in our communities and justice for everyone.

Loved this recent tweet and photo of a disabled woman protesting with the people of Ferguson, Missouri from Ryan J. 57 more words

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Fruitvale Station, Our Youth's Anger Must Be Heard

Like many people in their twenties, I am an angry person. I don’t think I’ve ever been this angry before or at least, not consistently. Even in my teens, my view on social issues seemed to take a more distant approach including those that affected me personally. 917 more words

Why anomiepete?

Before my injury I felt very much a part of society. I had lots of friends and went out socialising an awful lot. Now of course, as we age things change, some people marry and have children and others choose other paths. 495 more words


“Perhaps Mr.Gaynor would prefer a pedophile to teach his child instead of a homosexual

Be careful what you wish for Mr.GAYNOR.

Cheers Garry.

Please click on the following link to read the ideas of Mr Bernard Gaynor…


Laws allowing discrimination against homosexuals are good…

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Pregnant Deaf Woman Sues for Interpreter Access During Delivery

Cheylla Silva has filed an emergency motion in U.S. federal court (Miami) to obtain signed language interpreter access during childbirth. 

Silva is hoping the delivery goes smoothly because if there are serious problems, she might be at a loss to communicate with her doctors and nurses.

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Alive And Thriving, Discrimination Needs More Media Coverage

Discrete discrimination is not silent but it is often imperceptible to those not on the receiving end of the unintended attack. The wounds developed from countless encounters with whispering thrashes are deep and influence the victim’s identity and perception of the world at large. 184 more words

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