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Gendered practices in the education of gifted girls and boys

Record: Barbara A. Kerr, M. Alexandra Vuyk, and Christopher Rea, “Gendered practices in the education of gifted girls and boys” in Psychology in the Schools vol. 1,194 more words


“Virginity Test” for Females Joining the Police Force in Indonesia

International news sources have been reporting the outrage over Indonesia’s “Two Finger” test for women, who are required to prove they are unmarried and virgins before joining the police force. 1,209 more words

Gender Equality

Israel: Banning Arab-Israeli's from work-sites

Some years after I left the Army I had the fortune of working for a lady who was in the first class of officer cadets to be commissioned directly into a Regular Army Corps rather than the World War II era Women’s Royal Australian Army Corps (WRAAC). 466 more words


Bathroom Advancements

It’s always good to see schools preemptively adapt to their students.  A school district in Clifton Park, New York has started the process to officially allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.  164 more words

The Feminist Manifesto Without The Agenda

Labels sometimes betray us. They can say more about the labeler than the one being labeled. I grew up in a time when the concept of feminism was a liberal agenda that had more voice than value, or at least that was how the conservative side painted it. 910 more words

This is apparently called ‘microagression’.

Hmm this is apparently called ‘microagression’.

Thing is, I’m used to the common catchphrases; that incidentally are actually racially neutral, but this one was so close to the mark of being genuinely imperialistic, insensitive European colonialist type attempt at a joke or wit that for a moment I considered violent retribution. 635 more words


Further JSA drama for the UK's young people

Robin Hood, tv series

It’s the old reverse-Robin-Hood ploy to penalise every human being on the planet for not being fortunate enough to be born rich and privileged.  1,438 more words