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The Pussification of Man

Let’s get one thing straight. There is no inequality between man and woman anymore. You girls no longer need to march or burn your bras, we got it. 824 more words

Social Commentary

The road that lies ahead.

It was a nice winter day. The wind was blowing but wasn’t too harsh. The effect was neutralised by the shining sun’s warmth. She sat there knitting a sweater in her hand. 866 more words


Do You Want to Know HOW Stupid Republicans Are? Homer Simpson TSA Goons Arrested Guy for "Arabic Flash Cards"... D'oh!


Nick George was a student flying from Philadelphia to start his senior year of college in California. However, when a TSA operative found his Arabic language flash cards, they arrested the 21-year-old. 517 more words


A Nation Still Divided

A topic that I find to be very interest (and relevant ) in our world today is racism and discrimination. To some, this problem may have been fought long ago, however, if you take one good look at all of our citizens around the United States you may think differently. 287 more words

President Obama: 'I’m Hopeful Supreme Court Comes To The Right Decision' On Same-Sex Marriage and GOP pursues state legislation limiting gay rights before Supreme Court rules on gay marriage

By Junior Mayema,

Once Again i urge all LGBT americans and our straight allies to vote for the Democrats in 2016; the republicans are still living in the stone age even though we are now in 2015, they are completely lagging behind when it come to social issues in America the majority of american say yes to same sex marriages, the republicans already took the congress, lets not allow them to take the White House and repeal all the protections that LGBT people now have under the federal law thanks to the leadership of President Obama and the Democratic Party . 1,361 more words


its funny how life could be deceiving at times. It weird how people like you for appearances and once your status change, they judge you! ,deceive you, abondan you and others bully you. 22 more words


Why Rights and Freedoms are Personal

There seems to be a modern epidemic of forgetting the legal limitations of rights and freedoms. For the most part I had figured they were fairly well understood. 1,108 more words