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Editorial - The Predictable War

BREAKING NEWS – The Ice Warriors have declared war on the Light Troops and Shadow Troops. A full CPAC Report will be out soon.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ… 1,342 more words


 He promis'd her marriage...

It was this time of year (and this approximate date) that Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway.

Not this one, obviously. There aren’t any verified pictures of Shakespeare’s Anne… 394 more words


Special updating image of PixelThingy

Using a special bit of PHP, we can now pass around this link as an image that will update with the latest state of PixelThingy… 35 more words


Reflection and relaxtion

Despite what many people think, University students do work very hard. Yes there is a lot of partying and free time and fun, but now that I am in third year I have a lot more work on my plate and it is not easy. 661 more words


SGL's Thanksgiving Update and Pumpkin Protein Waffles

Hey everyone! I hope you are spending Thanksgiving with friends and family, and if you’re not from the US, are spending the day doing things you enjoy anyway. 659 more words


Are Canadians Passionate About Science

David Kent recently made a blog post on The Black Hole (one of universityaffairs.ca‘s blogs) about Rick Mercer’s rant about science from last week. Kent disagrees with Mercer’s view that Canadians are passionate about science. 512 more words

A Year In Sudbury