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Revisiting Lost's 10 Best Episodes

by: Lynda Green

Happy Anniversary, Lost! The series crashed into our lives September 22, 2004. Before there were theories that didn’t pan out, backwards/forwards/sideways worlds, Dharma sharks, and hotly-debated endings, Lost was a very good show–sometimes a great show. 845 more words


On the documentary concerning the Afghan National Army.

Hello folks;

Earlier on Sunday the 25th of May 2014 I stumbled across a documentary that talked about the current state of the Afghan National Army (ANA) forces and their ability to handle the fighting season against the insurgents. 695 more words


This could be described as organised ramblings ;

Evening guys,

How are we all? The last post yesterday was rather successful – it was nice to see the positive feedback. I was left pretty stumped with where to go from there, isn’t it strange how one moment you have so much to say. 918 more words


My BiWifeLife Struggles

So, in an effort to get down to the bones of things so to speak I decided to blog about my experiences since my life is pretty boring right now. 749 more words


"Above Normal" Has a Different Meaning This Time of Year

A map like this one in August or early September has a totally different meaning than late September and early October!

Temperatures will run a little above average through the first week of October, but that does not mean we are in for very “hot” weather! 180 more words


Whar noo?

In today’s much-anticipated statement to the Scottish Parliament, Alex Salmond hailed a new democratic Enlightenment:

“When Donald Dewar spoke at the opening of this Parliament in 1999, he reflected at one point on the discourse of the Scottish Enlightenment, as an echo from the past which helped to shape modern Scotland. 450 more words