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A miracle in nature

I went to see the Play that Goes Wrong last night, which was brilliant, but got me to thinking about how much it owed to the long tradition of theatre. 125 more words


Midterm Tea Without Sympathy: Shifting Places in Race-Based Seats

Race is a social construct.  Though imaginary, race runs our lives.

Here is a quote from the article:

Surely, we must have noticed that whatever other analyses assembled to discuss White anger and anxiety expressed at the polls, it was in the end a simple shifting of places in race-based seats, leaving White folks still in power. 129 more words


Is Isolation in Prison Morally Responsible?

Hey guys,

Life caught up to me a little.  But, I’ve got some really interesting Social Justice topics to share.

“Philander Smith College student Ahmad Williams explains why students involved with the Social Justice Institute built a replica isolation cell. 25 more words

News Articles

Bidding for the Olympics: Is it really Beneficial?

On July 6th, 2005, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted at a meeting in Singapore, and awarded London with the 2012 Summer Olympics Games. On July 27th 2012, London held their Opening Ceremonies, finally showcasing what they had been planning for the past seven years. 1,265 more words



I recently saw a post that declared ” being famous on Instagram is like being rich on Monopoly, it’s not real so calm down,” and while I would like to agree, we must acknowledge that we do live in an age where you actually can be Instagram-rich. 934 more words


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