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You Don't Even Know Me

You don’t even know me, and the place of my birth, the rich valleys, the beautiful mountains, touching the sky. You choose not to see the breathtaking scenery, the bright colored culture of these people so misunderstood. 945 more words

Just Another Rant

New Outlook Upgrade?

So, this is happening this week:

Day 1-3 Outlooks from @NWSSPC are changing this Wednesday! Details: http://t.co/MWjYA2pLji #tnwx pic.twitter.com/PRVgL1crQw

— NWSNashville (@NWSNashville) October 20, 2014…

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Ixidor Reality Sculptor Discussion 10/20

IT’s Morphing Time! Is one thing I think when looking at one of the Legendary cards from Onslaught. Ixidor Reality Sculptor is a unique card in that he is extremely situational. 443 more words

Magic: The Gathering

Who Has the "Authority" to Review Books?

Kathleen Hale’s recent Guardian article has generated a lot of commentary, most of it judgments of whether or not Hale was right to take the actions she chronicles.  798 more words

Discussion Post

Death Of The Sailor Scouts: My Impressions On The Last Two Episodes Of Season One Of The Uncut Sailor Moon Anime

The conclusion to the first season of the uncut Sailor Moon aired last Monday through streaming services Hulu and Neon Alley. Being able to see the last two episodes fully intact and how it should have aired in North America when… 1,920 more words


Questions #3

This week we read Chapters 10-12 in Book I, and Chapter 1 in Book II.

1. In Chapter 11, we read about the powers of the Ring and what Frodo… 99 more words

Fellowship Of The Ring