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Trailer Talk- Spongebob's Return to the Screen!

10 years ago, I was only interested in the following: Toonami anime, the regular Cartoon Network shows, and Nickelodeon. Spongebob Squarepants, on Nickelodeon, was the most consistently entertaining to me. 163 more words



Whenever I have conversations, some people tell me I talk about myself too much.  Well if they do have a better topic to discuss, feel free to bring it to the table!   201 more words


Sexism in Kpop & HyunA's "Red"

I’ve been a kpop fan for a few years now and one thing I’ve noticed is the overwhelming amount of sexism. As you may or may not, HyunA’s “Red” was released recently. 850 more words


Please, No More Debates on Love.

I’m over it. I’m officially tapping out of the arguments about love. I’m done with the big debates on who does, who doesn’t, how long it should be done, who should be privileged to receive it, who doesn’t deserve it, etc., etc., etc. 485 more words

The C++ Dilemma

This post is just to note down some of the things I’ve been thinking about in terms of the projects that I’m planning on posting here. 391 more words


Happy Workers = Profits?

Happy Workers = Higher Profits?

Corporate perks and benefits can be a controversial topic depending on who you ask, or what time period you are referencing. 166 more words


Comfort reading: what's your guilty pleasure?

I’m sure we’re all familiar with comfort reading and its heart-warming qualities. It’s a bookworms’ equivalent to settling down with a nice cup of tea and switching on your favourite television programme; your guilty pleasure when you know you have a million other things you… 436 more words