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Favorite Metallica Songs

Cameron: Hey Alex, it’s been a while since we last spoke and a longer time since we spoke about a band other than Pink Floyd. I have a feeling we’ll be talking about them pretty soon so let’s let them rest a bit and go to another one of our favorite subjects. 1,409 more words


Into the Howling Dark

Space.  Darkness.  Vacuum.  Void.  The night sky is dominated by an emptiness that seeps into your very body as you stare into its depths.  We paint space with the same imagery as the fathomless depths of the ocean; the primordial abode that spawned all life as we know it, and home still to myriad multitudes of bizarre and terrifying modes of life that we can never hope to catalogue and document.  898 more words

Alfonso Cuaron

Racial Discussions in a Mixed Race Household

“My husband is from India.” That’s what I tell people to distinguish the fact that he is Indian rather than Native American. When people first meet him, he is frequently asked “where are you from?” I always chuckle inside a little when he replies “Oh I’m from Jersey. 978 more words

When people don't understand you:

“When you are talking with someone who doesn’t get you, and you want them to, the answer is not to continue the conversation, the answer is to withdraw into your own clarity, trusting that law of attraction will match you up with those who are ready to hear you.”

Abraham Hicks

How To Allow

Engineer Comedy, Press, & Publication, October 2014

Technically Funny comedian Don P. McMillan, PA A ’81, has a weekly podcast that “takes you deep into the hilarious world of one’s and zero’s. 363 more words

Engineering FYI

Missionary Test

I remember some of the interesting things that happened during the discussions. My big question for the missionaries was really a test for them to see if they really knew as much about the scriptures as they should have. 70 more words

My Conversion Story

Halloween in Gaming

Yes, it is that time of the year again. It is time for Halloween again. A time for tricks, treats, costumes, etc. Many people spend this time watching scary movies and TV shows. 262 more words