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Discussion topic: Books, glorious books!

How many times have you had friends or family say that it must be lovely to be a librarian and be able to read or work with books all day? 340 more words


Hello Internetz.

No. This is not coming at you from the year 300X0-Alpha-Epsilon-Ygrec-A.D.-Yellow-1-3-1. Nor is this written by a middle aged woman going through menopause (no offense to those of you who are). 453 more words


Practice What We Preach?

“My doctor told me I needed to eat healthier and exercise…but to be honest, his stomach was literally dragging on the floor. If he can’t do it, why do I need to?” 479 more words


Girls Confuse Me.

Girls confuse me.
The primary reason girls confuse me is emotions. Don’t get me wrong – I have emotions and such, but most girls seem to abuse them either in a passive aggressive tone or an out-right stupid way. 219 more words

BookLikes: All You Need to Know + The New Goodreads?

Ever since the change in T&C’s over at Goodreads (click here for more info),  everyone has been squealing censorship and trying to find new alternatives. 1,461 more words