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Ethics Question

Reasons for taking the client:

  • taking a famous athlete as a client would be good publicity for our firm
  • the athlete was acquitted…
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International Investing - Overseas Cash

The world is a big place – there are over 190 countries and 7 billion people in the world, which really boggles the mind if you sit down and think about it. 440 more words


Author and Intertextuality

This is an essay I am working on for Uni…

What is ‘The Author?’


Motion Pictures and Episodic Television

These are the topics we would like to touch upon in this forum open to everyone who loves the art of cinema. Leave us your impressions and topics you’d like to discuss.


Does "Sagar Ratna" provide Gluten-Free food?

There are numerous franchise outlets of Sagar-Ratna in India which specialize in providing South Indian delicacies. Ideally each restaurant of a franchise  should prepare the food with the same recipe and ingredients but our members have connected with different Sagar-Ratna outlets and found out to have mixed reviews on the style of preparation and the ingredients used. 229 more words


Responding to low-cost housing demand - Homes for the low-income mass market

I was very interested to read this email newsletter from Hennie Botes, CEO of Moladi, South Africa:

An award winning Port Elizabeth based company, established in 1986, makes housing accessible to low-income people through innovative and eco-friendly reusable recycled plastic formwork technology, creating employment. 237 more words