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Three years in and there's no stopping this train now! (Though it might have to slow down a little…)

Let’s see…if the two’s are “terrible,” then what are the three’s? Tumultuous? Terrifying? Tormented? Maybe a little of each as I write this with a touch of bittersweet that tugs at my words. 1,050 more words


Awards, Committees, & New Executives, November 2014

Matthew J. Giglio, TX D 2015, a civil engineering major at Texas A&M University was recently recognized with the Craig C. Brown Senior Engineering Award at a banquet on November 13. 248 more words

Engineering FYI

Bringing Big Data to Everyone

Big Data is something you hear a lot about, and use quite a bit (think apps like Uber), but how much can it actually help when you are trying to invest? 51 more words


Unpopular Opinion Time: Books (perhaps) Not Worth the Hype

Reading books is great, but you have to admit that while some novels have you shouting from the rooftops, there are others that you end up skimming through and chucking aside.   438 more words


Step One: Recognising Self-Worth

The first, and hardest step in recovery from an eating disorder, is recognising that you deserve to recover. That the eating disorder doesn’t define you, make you a better or more worthy person, and that it does not have the right to control your life. 636 more words


Discussion: How I Rate Books

As book bloggers, rating books is one of those things that we do. However, I’ve never really talked about what I’m thinking about when it comes time for me to rate a book. 796 more words


It Begins. [Tim Horton's]

The other week, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released a warning that Tim Horton’s merger with Burger King is a bad deal for Canadians. 336 more words