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Eradicating dangerous bacteria may cause Permanent harm

- By the time a child in the US or other developed countries reaches the age of 18, s/he has already had on average 10-20 doses of antibiotics… 407 more words

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Chikungunya virus poised to invade the Americas / risk of a "catastrophic" epidemic

Public Release: 7-Apr-2014

A team of French and Brazilian researchers warn that chikungunya virus is poised to invade, and become epidemic in the Americas according to research published ahead of print in the Journal of Virology. 422 more words

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It is predicted that the incidence of type 1 diabetes in Europe will rise by an alarming 70% between 2005 and 2020

Sweden has 2-3 times as many adolescents and young adults with type 1 diabetes as previously thought; Findings have potential implications for other high-income countries… 696 more words


Chronic Bronchitis Causes

Bronchitis is a respiratory disease where the mucus membrane in the lungs’ bronchial passages becomes inflamed. Because the irritated membrane swells and  grows thicker, it narrows or turns off the tiny airways in the lungs, resulting in coughing spells which may be accompanied by phlegm and breathlessness. 217 more words

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Causes of Hair Loss In Children

There are many congenital conditions that potentially affect normal hair growth, but it’s thankfully infrequent for any child to be troubled with anything further than hair fall of a temporary kind. 539 more words

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Sperm quality and counts worsening in Finland

Less than 10 % of sperm are structurally normal

Public release date: 3-Mar-2011

A new study published in the International Journal of Andrology reveals that semen quality has significantly deteriorated during the last ten years in Finland, a country that previously was a region with high sperm counts. 249 more words

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Prion disease can spread through air

13 January 2011 by Debora MacKenzie

-  entered the brain directly through nasal nerves

You catch flu by inhaling germs – now it seems you can catch prion diseases that way too. 231 more words

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