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watch for it.

If you live with a parky you’re familiar with this picture. In our house, almost every rug is usually turned up at one time or another throughout the day. 161 more words

Put away the guns

Put away the guns
Put away the carnage in your heart
Put away the just war
for they are not your shields
but blankets of disease; 64 more words

A crowd-funded project aims to use an iPhone-based malaria diagnosis kit to detect and treat the disease on the Indonesian island of Bangka. The team believes that early detection and treatment can enable the complete eradication of the disease from the island, and pave the way for larger-scale roll-outs in Africa. 203 more words

IOS Devices

Identify Sources and Prevent of Anaplasmosis in Cattle

In Oklahoma, anaplasmosis can cause serious problems any time of the year, but summer is the time when it is most prevalent.   There are several reasons why this is so.  476 more words


Next-Generation Sequencing To Rapidly Identify Pathogens

Some diseases such as flu mutate and change rapidly, and can jump from humans to pigs and back to humans. Next-generation sequencing can be used to help update vaccines so they are still effective. 27 more words


Why you need to be worried; Ebola Virus has killed about 700 people in Africa

The new killer disease ”Ebola Virus” which has caused a huge alarm in most West African countries, leading to the deaths of nearly 700 people since February, new reports from doctors around the world says; the virus spreads through contact with bodily fluids of someone who is infected.


There are five types of malaria:

  • Plasmodium vivax (P. vivax) – milder form of the disease, generally not fatal. However, infected people still need treatment because their untreated progress can also cause a host of health problems.
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