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Scientists say they have made an “exciting” step towards curing HIV by forcing the virus out of hiding.


Rotting Flesh

Saturday I felt passable and with enough ibuprofen, sudafed, and caffeine, could have gotten a workout in.

Sunday I felt fine.

The problem both days was that my hands were fucking nasty and had open sores on them. 543 more words

Workout Log

I'm a type 2 diabetic...

Like most of people with a serious illness, we have to learn to cope with the everyday issues that get thrown our way. There are several issues I need to deal with on a daily basis. 386 more words


How did we get here?

How did we get to where we are? Sometimes we may wake up one day and realize we are in a situation we never expected or planned. 332 more words


Berry Good

Earlier this year I had an article published in a local cottager magazine on ‘soft mast’, otherwise known as wild berries (as opposed to ‘hard mast’, like nuts and acorns). 301 more words