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Ginsburg Wasn't So Wrong About Texas and Veteran's I.D.s

As a number of news organizations have noted, Justice Ginsburg’s dissent in Veasey v. Perry contained a minor factual error – originally, the dissent contained a sentence stating that Texas did not accept veteran’s I.D.s as acceptable forms of photo I.D. 469 more words


Conservative Circuit Court Judge Calls Voter Fraud Assertions "a mere fig leaf for efforts to disenfranchise voters."

7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard A. Posner wrote a scathing dissent to the recent decision upholding the new strict voter ID laws that were set to take effect in Wisconsin next month. 444 more words


Score Update: North Carolina Voters Win, 2-1

In what can be considered a victory for voting rights and common sense, the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit struck down recent North Carolina legislative changes prohibiting same-day voting and voters voting outside of their districts on Election Day—2 wins.  107 more words

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Dial Down the Hatred

If America goes down, I don’t think it will be due to ISIS. I think we’ll be poisoned by our own racism and prejudices. When I see people comparing President Obama to a skunk based on his mixed race heritage and others wishing ill to the Clinton’s new grandchild, I worry for my country. 93 more words

Voter ID Laws May Impact Transgender Voters at Midterms

By Alexis Hamilton

MSNBC reports the findings of a recent Williams Institute study, which suggests transgender voters may encounter difficulties at the polls during midterm elections because of some states’ strict voter identification laws.  218 more words

Functional Disenfranchisement

According to an AP story, President Obama has decided to refrain from issuing any executive orders on immigration until after the election.  The sources for the story are “two White House officials” who probably are floating the idea as a kind of trial balloon. 362 more words


Brennan Center for Justice Offers the Best Gavel-to-Gavel Coverage of the Texas Voter I.D. Trial

A number of online media outlets have sent reporters to Corpus Christi to cover the opening of Veasey v. Perry (the consolidated federal lawsuit contesting implementation of the 2011 Texas voter I.D. 730 more words