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I wish President Obama was Muslim

The perpetual cycle of terror constantly updating in the news is the combined result of three factors: The underachievement of boys, Arab sectarianism and the Politicization of Islam by the CIA.   1,637 more words

75,000 voters are locked out of the UK’s democratic process

Can you imagine a country in which people are not allowed to vote for the party of their choice because the ruling elites think it’s a bad idea to let them? 788 more words


Revolution, by Constitutional Means

It’s time.
Consider the following: John Boehner was elected easily by one small district in Ohio. Yet during the last Congress he effectively disenfranchised a majority of voters in the entire nation. 739 more words

Hate Russell Brand? - You're helping the Elites

Russell Brand. It’s just a universal fact he never says anything of value, so they say. But rather than critique the man, I’m examining his critics. 1,634 more words


We wrote earlier this week about a paper that centered on if and how released felons should be re-introduced to the political system.

For those who follow fair election news, the discussion about disenfranchised voters has increasingly focused on convicted felons. 128 more words

Sydney Gunman and New Zealand Politics

“Key has previously said intelligence agencies were monitoring up to 40 wannabe jihadis, but until now has not offered verification or further details.

Now, he says they display ‘not identical but similar characteristics’ to Monis. 54 more words