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'Give me a break!’ Salon finds new victims of voter suppression: An entire generation


Liberals who are against voter ID laws claim that such verification procedures unfairly disenfranchise both minorities and the poor. Salon has taken that a step further: 304 more words


The Aftermath of the Wilmington Insurrection

With prophetic instinct he foresaw the hatreds to which this day would give birth; the long years of constraint and distrust which would still further widen the breach between two peoples whom fate had thrown together in one community. 

1,051 more words

FRAUD AT THE POLLS: Piledriver Frontman Gord Kirchin Robbed In Nebraska Mayoral Race

In an upset reminiscent of the famous 1948 Dewey/Truman Presidential Election, Democrat Harry S. Truman, who recently had been polling 112 percentage points behind Piledriver vocalist Gord “Piley” Kirchin, emerged victorious in the hotly contested race for Mayor of Nebraska. 416 more words

General Weirdness

Why Voting Still Counts...whether you want to or not.

So as per usual, the day after an election, many of us take a look at the news and we are either satisfied with the results or angry.   832 more words


California Senator Mounts Fight To Counter Voter Photo ID Laws

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – California Senator Barbara Boxer plans to introduce a bill in Congress that would ensure voters in states which require them to show a photo ID at the polls have easy access to acceptable forms of identification. 229 more words


Story of A Disenfranchised Voter

I saw on Rick Hasen’s blog that he had already posted this link to a Guardian story about Texas voters – the story is as good an illustration of the profound wrongness of Texas voter I.D. 17 more words


Sub-Rosa Approval of Veterans Health Cards As Voter I.D. In Texas

A reader (Frank Provasek) has provided extremely valuable and eye-opening information in his comment on my post about Veasey v. Perry and the State’s selective, politically motivated treatment of veterans’ I.D.s. 275 more words