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Courtroom coverage of North Carolina Voting Rights Litigation

Ari Berman is covering the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against the State of North Carolina over the so-called “monster” legislation that substantially limited voter registration and voting procedures in that state. 35 more words

Voter I.D. as Age Discrimination

Yesterday, the New York Times ran a story about an unusual voting rights lawsuit in North Carolina. College students allege that North Carolina’s voter I.D. laws disproportionately limit access to voting by young voters (ages 18-21), and particularly affect college students who arrive from out-of-state, and who therefore lack North Carolina drivers’ licenses. 319 more words


Does the unawakened digital majority really troll?

My friend Matthew suggests here http://memetechnology.org/2013/09/26/decoding-the-digital-part-1-the-playful-aristocracy/
that “… the Leviathan, the unawakened digital majority who now have access to the internet, but no time to play with it.” includes “…a contingent there who, possibly feeling dis-empowered by the those who wield an on-line reputation of any sort, seek to drive their targets off the internet, though constant anonymous abuse.”  Although he quite sensibly qualifies this “I don’t want to tar the whole Leviathan with the same brush …” However, I wonder how much truth there really is in this concept? 366 more words

Big Data

Back in the saddle...but which way do I point the horse?

Well, my year off came to an abrupt end last week when I went off to fulfill my first assignments as a supply teacher…it was a bit of a shock to the system in many ways. 802 more words

Leaving behind "offensensitivity" . . . towards an analysis of racism and disenfranchisement.

I made an egregious error in my email/letter to the DI, discussed in my previous post.  My error was in beginning the letter with: “I am offended by.”  I am indebted to someone very dear to me for pointing out the absurdity of what cartoonist Berkeley Breathed labeled “offensensitivity” [1].   329 more words

The Coercive Cancellation of Elections in Texas

The City of Cuney, Texas was supposed to conduct a general election this May, but apparently didn’t. This little failure of democracy didn’t make much of a splash outside of Cherokee County, and was likely of only passing interest to most of the residents in Cherokee County, who may have presumed that the city council had successfully cancelled its election owing to a lack of contested races. 522 more words


The Buying and Selling of Intimate Relations Redux: Bill C-36

So Peter McKay has swiftly responded to the Supreme Court decision on Canada v. Bedford with the so-called Nordic model of regulation, a model which actually criminalizes those engaging in the trade even more than the original laws that were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Canada.   677 more words