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Jacob Riis and trans-staus disguise

In 1890, Jacob Riis published How The Other Half Lives, a taxonomy of class structure which included notes on “bodily signifiers” of class, most notably, costume. 184 more words


Prosthetic mask

In October 2010, an unnamed Hong Kong man illegally boarded a flight to Vancouver, wearing a prosthetic mask and carrying the passport of a 55-year old American.  164 more words


Hitler in disguise

In 1944, the U.S. Office of Strategic Services manipulated photographs of Adolf Hitler, to prepare for the possibility that he may adopt a disguise. In these images, Hitler was depicted with glasses, a false beard, false hairline, and a number of other facial obstructions or distortions that would have made him less recognisable. 65 more words


Reality Television Round 3

So… Nadia… the results are in. You are to be
A Young Adult Woman.
Living in North America.
Strongly linked to your community.
With a Cosmopolitan Outlook. 197 more words


Exhibit 14: Ghillie Suit

Ghillie suits are artificial camouflage suits, designed to resemble foliage. Although painted camouflage is effective in ideal conditions, subtle changes in lighting conditions often render it highly visible. 29 more words



“Denise adjusts the demon mask, getting the fit just right over her eyes. She smiles deviously at you, her chest heaving.”

Based on this image by… 4,235 more words