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Choose your costume

I have always admired the way women spend time choosing their attire and accessories when they are going to attend a special event.

I usually just choose a suit and a tie the same day of the event and, in a few minutes I am ready to go, but women go to a thousand stores, just to choose the dress, then spend hours on shoes, stockings, scarves and so forth. 421 more words


City code required cell phone tower to be disguised as tree

GRANDVILLE, Mich. – Local residents are questioning the undercover pine tree that’s newly installed in their neighborhood on Canal Avenue behind the Lowe’s parking lot. In the telecom industry it’s called a “monopine.” 349 more words



The Nigerian military on Friday released these photographs of a terror suspect disguised as a woman. The man is believed to be one of the Boko Haram insurgents who bombed Kaduna on Thursday and attempted to assassinate former military leader Muhammadu Buhari. 59 more words


Free Preview - Mistress Jenna's Confession #2

I’ve spent a few days discussing this insane idea with my ex. Allow me to explain a few things. When I said I have a sex addiction, that was a stretch. 1,332 more words


The Past: Stage Mishaps

A continuation of the story trade that was “The Past”. More a costuming story, and by my standards, rather tame.
Mark walked through the turnstiles at the Bomar Theatre, smiled at the doormen and walked confidently backstage, pass held rakishly between his forefingers. 4,848 more words


Not Even Hell

30 day writing challenge, day 3.

Things that you want to say to an ex.

I was going to skip this challenge because, I don’t want to say anything to any of my ex’s. 272 more words