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To the dude burping in the library,

You’re disgusting. I’m gonna vomit. Also excuse yourself.



Open Water Swimmers Are Disgusting

As overheard. By which writers really mean, it’s something they may have said or wished they had said.

That’s the weekend swim towel so it doesn’t really probably need to be washed for another couple of weeks . 262 more words

Open Water Swimming

Mark Nix Fun Fact #644

At a gas station bathroom the other day, I got an unexpected enema when the toilet regurgitated itself onto my person. I would say it was the grossest thing to happen to my body at a gas station, but I’ve had their fried macaroni and cheese.

Day 49: a day in the life

Yesterday was a quiet day. I spent the first portion of the day going over final assignments with students and either congratulating them on doing so well throughout the semester or delicately breaking the news that they were most likely not going to pass. 315 more words

winter is vile

Winter snuck up on me

upon me

up ominously

on me.

No snow,

just cold.

I can feel the oil and dirt trapped in every line of my finger prints, 64 more words


Is This Disgusting or Delicious

What would a Doritoes flavored Mountain Dew taste like? College age students sampling on various campuses said “Um Good” Based on their feedback Pepsi is ready to launch the “Dewito” If you wanna know what samplers other than college students thought, check this out