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One of those days...

Warning: this story is embarrassing and contains bodily fluids.

So I spent the night at my grans house, alone, as they’re all away without me since I have work today. 451 more words

Clean your keyboards, folks!

I spilled some coffee on mine and pried up some keys to mop it up so as to prevent the keys from getting sticky. Found this horror underneath: 38 more words


Outrage Sparked After Viral Video Shows Cursing, WaterGun-Toting, Tattooed Little Gangster Boy

The Inquisitr News: A disturbing video featuring a tattooed 2-year-old boy has gone viral on Facebook. Although the footage was uploaded months ago, many viewers are still outraged by the shocking content. 130 more words


Sick Bastards II

Here’s a¬†little rap for ISIS member Jihadi John. May you burn in Hell, you sick son of a bitch:

“Had to cry like a bitch and run to the Middle East… 78 more words

Branding beer with a foamy lip

I am not a beer drinker. Yet I was confronted a number of times with a beer commercial in YouTube. I guess Google does not know… 194 more words

Marketing & Advertising

Poop Dough?? SERIOUSLY!!!!

Are we really telling our kids that it’s okay to play with poop?? And with corn to, what the eff?? What is wrong with this picture? 34 more words


Everything is trying to kill me.

And because I’m the most splendiferous of all the hater-trolls, I’ll stick around just to spite them.

So take that, Big K Citrus Drop soda! 426 more words

Ranting And Raving