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That's Not Hummus

I pride myself on healthy eating.

It’s my thing.

But I’ve been slipping lately. I work from home. It’s intense and hurried. I cram my work into the times my children are at camp and daycare, and I cram my food in, too. 589 more words


Conversation with a friend like you.....

Conversation with a friend about liking pictures of naked girls on Facebook

I have lately been upset about men and their attitude towards boobs or women in general. 671 more words

All Hail Pigpen!

I haven’t showered in I don’t know how long. I’m pretty sure I probably resemble the above image of Pigpen. What’s worse, is I have been out in public like this! 108 more words

Cleaning the Barbecue

Here’s a picture of the barbecue cleaning in action.

It looked so foul that I couldn’t help but take a picture.

As said in the previous post, the bicarb soda did take off a lot of the rust Ili and I couldn’t. 14 more words


true story

It was the darkest summer of the darkest year of my life.

Spent with my older brother and the farther away of relatives of whom I was greatly favored by. 274 more words

Awful thing

I am just an awful thing

You meant over the years

I just linger around

In the back of your mind

Like an awful memory… 161 more words


Sarspasm #5 Botched vs AHS

So one of my favorite shows of all time is American Horror Story I watch it religiously and I’ve seen every episode and enjoyed every second of them. 199 more words