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Vacation day 1 - Not what i was expecting

I’m not going to sweeten up the story of what happened on my vacation, so expect to see a lot of swearing and graphic mental imaging. 753 more words



Money is disgusting.

The greed

The want

The need

There’s never enough

I’ve lived a pretty money-less life

We had what we needed to get by and only a LITTLE more… 205 more words

Gross and Icky Stuff You Still Will Read About Like Snot and Poop Color, and Do You Eat Boogers?

Why snot is green or yellow, or other color.  Click to read more.

Mucus is clear when you’re healthy and have no serious invaders. However, when bacteria or viruses attack, it will turn yellow or green due to the influx of iron-containing enzymes including myeloperoxidases, other oxidases and peroxidases. 1,136 more words



As my very first blog post I would like to warn you guys to not pick up a coconut while it is hot out. It’s milk is most likely rancid and smells like manure.


Would You Rent Your Wedding Dress?

There has been a new trend surfacing lately of women renting their wedding dresses.

Mary called in this morning to tell us how utterly awful this is and was wondering why this was even an option. 117 more words