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September Dishcloth

Can you believe September is here? The kids are back in school and hopefully the weather will start cooling down soon. That means that Christmas is right around the corner. 97 more words


Time-minus 49 days until Fall Fest

I did the finishing on the Moondance dishcloths I made over the weekend. I’ve started on a cone of white that my little brother gave me as a gift. 49 more words


54 days until Fall Fest!!!

I’ve semi-stolen my friend’s countdown for my own purposes. She’s counting down until the Florida Fiber In, in September. She’s doing almost daily updates. I think y’all will get bored with me if I do that. 242 more words


Night Valian Dishcloth

Night Valian Dishcloth

Download the PDF.

My obsession with Welcome to Night Vale is well-documented at this point. Absolutely no one is surprised that I would go casually hunting for cotton at a local yarn store and come home with a purple that almost exactly matches the logo. 269 more words


Tricksy pattern

I cast on for the ‘Around we go’ dishcloth the other day, thinking it was going to be easy, and for the most part it was. 311 more words


Not Your Average Cloth

After discovering and working with cotton yarn I took a detour and made dishcloths.   Nothing could beat my dishcloths from Walmart.  Let me say this, I haven’t used a store bought dishcloth in a few months now.   114 more words


I Just Really Love Cotton Okay?

Maybe it’s the summer heat, maybe it’s just how my moods roll. Whatever it is I am one again totally smitten with the very existence of cotton. 215 more words