Reality Check


Ok, he has discarded you and you are heartbroken, the 3 W’s plague you,

what, when and why; the love of your life has discarded you and is now madly and passionately in love with someone else and loathes you. 2,692 more words



The Words

You pudgy piece of devil’s excrement,
You liar who will not correct your lies,
You worshiper of person and event,
You fool who passes folly off as wise, 79 more words

Three Steps of Responsibility

God’s Word: Romans 13:1-7  (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

As a citizen of a country you have responsibilities.  319 more words


Dishonesty:  n. intentional (fraudulence and/or lying) and/or deception

Lying is an obvious form of dishonesty but failing to fulfill a promise is also dishonesty or lying about the future. 761 more words

Common Sense

Deception and Disappointment

I’m still looking for a place to live in NYC. So, since I can’t start that series yet (hopefully I will have a place by next Friday), I thought I’d write about something more serious: deception, disappointment, and heartbreak. 624 more words

Personal And Fun

Be a Smarter Tourist: Avoid These Scams

It is currently the height of the tourist season in many countries. As such, smart tourists must be aware of — and protect themselves against — the numerous scams that are out there. 185 more words


The Honest Truth About Dishonesty

35 Minutes talk on the topic “The Honest Truth About Dishonesty’



The Audio Book “The Honest Truth About Dishonesty”

4 Hours and 48 Minutes audio book… 1,615 more words