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Dishoom Covent Garden

I had a brain wave last weekend. I was at Dishoom in Covent Garden with Mani and I said to him subconsciously ‘I should really write about all the amazing Asian restaurants that we’ve been to in London’ and so I picked up the menu from Dishoom as we left and this is the result. 651 more words


Akuri, or Spicy Scrambled Eggs

Akuri is something I recently discovered at Dishoom, who might as well sponsor this blog. Being the influential public figure and shameless blagger that I am, followed by literally tens of people in third world countries, I’d managed to swing a free breakfast. 673 more words

Currying Flavour

Living in Tooting, I’m not short of authentic and ridiculously cheap curry houses. They are to SW17 what Pret A Manger is to W1. I’d heartily recommend Mirch Masala to anyone. 1,544 more words

Mumbai Times

Dear Deanie,

I am back from my travels! There is so much to share that I don’t know where to begin. I think I will have to take it one country at a time. 528 more words