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10 Things My Family Did or Didn't Do on Sunday

You must not work on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

You must not work on Sunday because it is a sin.

But you can work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

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Fleas Be Gone!

My two naughty but loveable dogs (that have been previously mentioned on this blog site and who are well known in my neighbourhood for many things), have had a bad case of fleas. 368 more words

Not Your Average Cloth

After discovering and working with cotton yarn I took a detour and made dishcloths.   Nothing could beat my dishcloths from Walmart.  Let me say this, I haven’t used a store bought dishcloth in a few months now.   114 more words


Home Appliances: Dishwashers

You may think that having a dishwasher is just a lazy way out of doing the dishes, but using your dishwasher not only saves you the time and chore of dishwashing, it also uses far less water than washing your dishes by hand. 381 more words

In those days

Years ago when I was a participant in what they call “the rat race” I had applied for a position at a very prestigious corporation (that will remain nameless, but let me just say you might be familiar with a certain magazine it puts out the name of which is associated with clocks) located in a rather large urban area that, without naming it exactly, was located on an island in New York. 246 more words

Dishwasher Detergent

I found a deal!  I promised to keep budget in mind with these switches, and this category had some great options.

Dishwasher detergent was high on my list of things to switch out, once I found that the one I had been using my whole life received a failing grade.   158 more words

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