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Seasons of Life (Tanka)

seasons of life
in yellow and burgundy –
lemon-drop visions
withering on the stalk – 
dusting the incoming snow

Linked to Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge… 13 more words


Tuck Everlasting: The Dream of Immortality

Would it not be wonderful if we could stop aging right now and live forever? This is the question 10-year-old Winnie faces when she discovers a magic spring and meets the Tucks who unwittingly drank from it and instantly stopped aging. 670 more words

Faith Child - Sharing experience - Bright eyes

These are the things the Singaporean ( and perhaps others from many countries long for) graduate’s bright eyes focus  upon graduation :

“Five Cs of Singapore” – namely, … 690 more words


Theses on Ferguson

There is a distinction between being opposed to state violence and being a pacifist. State violence, like corporate speech, is a fiction whereby a non-existent entity appropriates the rights of individuals (and, indeed, appropriates the individuals themselves); as such it must be resisted, and the natural form of that resistance is an assertion of the individual prerogative that the collective fiction has sought to erase. 524 more words


Kriss-Kross and identity formulation

I am upset today. ANGER. And then, I watched videos by Vanilla Ice, Mc Hammer, and Kriss Kross. All these guys were rap stars in the 1990’s. 585 more words


"My swinging fist" and the selling of rebellion

I had listened to a lot of music focused on rebellion, that also advocated self-advancement. There are quite a few that make what I might call “spiritual-rebellious” music, and there is a trend I noticed in many of these artists’ development. 527 more words


An open letter to Necro.

Hello. You are a rapper from New York. You have built a career with a persona named “Necro” or “Necrophiliac” – judging, at least, from your earlier recordings. 484 more words