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A Physician's Plea.

A medical student. A simple question.

“I’m starting to feel jaded. How do I continue caring?”

At the time, personal suggestions abounded.
Work-life balance. Self-care. Hobbies. 222 more words

Medical School


Disillusionment comes when a person believes in something that is superficial and not everlasting. Focus on the heart and not outward appearance.

Heather and the Happily Ever After

I was feeling nostalgic the other day and went exploring through old videos on YouTube of songs I used to listen to years ago. I came across a song that talked about not needing a man because they were happy being free, doing their own thing, etc… They didn’t need a ring around their finger, so on and so forth. 819 more words

The active mind, trust, and respect

One of the consequences of being unusually bright and inquisitive is that I tend to ask questions for which people don’t have ready answers.  Often, rather than saying “I don’t know,” or admitting to speculation, people confidently present explanations that are obviously rubbish.  463 more words


Bottom Line

There’s nothing here; not

One thing so captivating,

Endearing as to hold

Attention, persuade chronic endurance.

© Morrow V Ryan, 2014


A Lingering Inconvenience

Some souls cannot wait

For Death–who tarries

While they drum fingers

On heart, sighing audibly.


And so they tumble

From this life toward

The next, with relief– 7 more words



Look at me; I’ve lots of things:
pretty clothes, big house, big rings
I surely have more things than you
and they’re all big and better, too. 156 more words