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The Lie That Sinketh In

You want lies?
For I have many -
Some, I’ve never used at all -

Or is it
The truth you’re seeking -
Truth, that gray and solemn pall… 53 more words

Original Poems

The Ballad of Disillusionment

Sometimes I want to turn my desk over

and break things.

I want to take an

old school


baseball bat

and smash my computer screen. 213 more words


Coming home - what now?

Upon returning home, I am suffering a vacation hangover – or maybe just a disillusionment from a lack of being on the go. I woke up Monday to realize I didn’t have to be anywhere or do anything and really didn’t know what to do. 460 more words


Goodbye to love.
Goodbye to youth.
Dreams are futile.
I’ll face the truth.

I wished upon stars,
Hoping it wasn’t in vain;
But, those stars brought… 17 more words


To all the Evangelical Christians I know

At what point do you think you’ll stop collecting “friends” like prized trophies? Humanity is not a statistic. No one needs any winning over. Just because you go to church once a week and pray about everything doesn’t make you any less of a sinner than I am, and forgiveness, as Buddy Wakefield put it, “is giving up all hope for a better past”, not the embellishing of past into something that requires an enormous amount of forgiveness only God can accomplish. 421 more words

Shooting The Mouth

Olaf and I are Melting

Dear Olaf,

Somehow, and someway, (even if we don’t know it!) we’ve been sent on a mission to find truth. It doesn’t help anyone if we choose to continue to live in an unreality– you and I will simply melt away. 313 more words


Poem with an explanation: Disillusionment

The walls are strong and permanent,
and feel as if they have substance and weight,
they form the room,
and can be leaned against,
and pushed, 319 more words