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Kriss-Kross and identity formulation

I am upset today. ANGER. And then, I watched videos by Vanilla Ice, Mc Hammer, and Kriss Kross. All these guys were rap stars in the 1990’s. 585 more words


"My swinging fist" and the selling of rebellion

I had listened to a lot of music focused on rebellion, that also advocated self-advancement. There are quite a few that make what I might call “spiritual-rebellious” music, and there is a trend I noticed in many of these artists’ development. 527 more words


An open letter to Necro.

Hello. You are a rapper from New York. You have built a career with a persona named “Necro” or “Necrophiliac” – judging, at least, from your earlier recordings. 484 more words


A Rude Awakening

Each day is more absurd than the last.

Is this how it feels
to separate from my sanity?
Is “sane” even a thing, or is it just… 239 more words


remember by kate light

i was flooded with memories of you the other day – waking up next to you, light kisses in the middle of the night, eating pizza in bed. 163 more words


How You Became Gainfully Unemployed

Hello people!! Welcome to today’s post on The Graduate Monologues.

I missed putting up posts here! But…. *drum roll* we’re back!

Today, @ifemmanuel will be doing the talking. 1,587 more words

Graduate Monologues

A Different View

Green, yellow, rust. Blue, purple, grey.
Helen, looking through tear-dimmed eyes, thought she would paint the scene with palette knife or trowel, in broad sweeping strokes.She sat by a small, still lake which reflected the autumn-coloured trees, and the blue/grey expanse of sky, with the distant mountains almost purple. 1,564 more words