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conflicting feelings

Conflicting feelings, feelings I have no right feeling.
You know I’m starting to think that I really have some kind of feelings for this guy… 232 more words


Caged by Shadows (Haibun)

Every day he crept to school as if the earth’s gravity was ten times too strong under his feet.   

He wore a black suit with a white oxford shirt, and his leather loafers always gleamed – they were so shiny and clean.   398 more words

The Art Degree, Part II – Disillusionment

It’s begun.

I’ve been disillusioned with my art degree.


Because I totally suck at it.

Okay, maybe that’s not a fair assessment. I didn’t originally think I sucked at it. 189 more words


gråt sjel

With so many emotions resisted,

The proverbial lump in the stomach or chest begins to feel more like a free weight,

Or rather a slave weight in the sense that it is the source of your hindrance. 116 more words

Social Apocalypse

Originally posted 20/12/2012:

I feel like all I write about are fucking paedophiles and shootings. Does this not just reiterate the fact that something radical- revolutionary- needs to be done to rectify these social problems? 208 more words

Trailers of the Week -- Only "Tomorrowland"

by Gabriel Valdez

Disillusionment. We’re used to trailers that show us magical places full of wonder and awe. A two hour escape into a movie, into a world that changes from beginning to end. 290 more words

Trailer Of The Week

My Mate

When will I find him?
When will love open its doors?
I dream of him
his soft lips touching my hot and flushed skin
his fingers trailing from my cheek to chin… 346 more words

Always Love