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December Carnival

Carnival midway–

Ferris wheel, roller coaster;

December’s tumult–

Swirling twirling nausea,

Holiday fun house horrors.


High-priced show–gewgaws,

Baubles soon to be heartache,

Flashy for a day; 67 more words


Pain of Disillusionment

The problem with today’s world is that it is over-connected, more social than it should be and extremely cacophonous. In this age, we know more about bombings at the other end of the world rather than knowing what’s happening down the road. 724 more words



Silvered ice

Hangs winter pretty

Melts away


Spikes recalled

Icicles stab heart

Leave no trace



Evidence lacking

To prove case


Won’t prevail… 24 more words


Growing pains

Disclaimer: the following is a somewhat cynical/pessimistic/depressing perspective on high school and it is entirely my own. Not all will agree but that is okay because those who do not are most likely very happy with their lives and that is a good thing. 776 more words


For three years, out of key with his time,

He strove to resuscitate the dead art

Of poetry; to maintain “the sublime”

In the old sense.

93 more words

Hob-Nailed Boots

You wore hob-nailed boots and walked all
over my dreams;
Cruelly ripped the gossamer thin web of my hopes,
it seems;

How could I have been so oblivious? 102 more words


Ghost Ambush

Holding still

Ambush of arrows



Undead voice

Tearing scars open

Ghost of Mom



Relight pyre of soul

Rain should cool

~ 32 more words