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Spring Cleaning & Organization Tips! <3

These will be my options for Spring cleaning and organizing, considering I’ve redone my bedroom about 20+ times since it warmed up here. LOL! But first, let me just apologize for no new post in almost a month! 488 more words

Kangen's 2.5pH Will Save You Trips To The Vet

Not only am I a blessed mom of five BEAUTIFUL children, I am also the proud mom to a fabulous dog and cat :)

Our cat is an active hunter and has had his share of battles with local predators, resulting in some costly trips to the vet. 227 more words


Melaleuca Alternifolia - Disinfecting

Melaleuca alternifolia or more commonly known as Tea Tree, is an oil well known for its ability to disinfect. It is highly antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti- inflammatory. 396 more words

Catherine Garro

Shortie 003

So, which nation should appreciate and respect Champagne more than any other? The French, right? Wrong!

The Air France Algiers to Paris flight was preparing to take off.   143 more words

Blue Cypress soothing and rehydrating for skin

Blue Cypress, Callitris intratropica, is an essential oil that comes from Darwin, Australia.
I’ve been up to the plantation and watched them distill the essential oil, its a really fascinating oil to see distilled as its a real rich blue colour! 499 more words

Catherine Garro

How Fast Does Bleach Kill C. Diff on Your Shoes?

Why don’t isolation carts include any protection for your shoes? Goodness knows what is being tracked all around the unit on everybody’s shoes.

Think about what is on that floor! 438 more words

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