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Why do people not hear what is said to them? Like, for instance, my dad-if I actually want to SAY something and for him to HEAR it, I would have to actually announce and make sure he heard, “Dad, I am going to say something that I want you to hear.” I’ve thought of this approach because I am often wondering what to do to get him to hear something I say instead of just talking nonstop to me when we are together. 474 more words

Hand Sanitizer

I think it’s important to keep hand sanitizer with you at all times, in case you ever feel like you want clean hands but don’t have access to a nearby restroom. 220 more words


Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo, NY Help Sanitize and Disinfect Hospitals

“While there are specialized disinfectants used in isolation and intensive care units, many hospitals would benefit from using quality cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY to aid in the sanitation and disinfection of rooms and other hospital facilities where other patients are confined. 79 more words