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Because you are too Irish

Or too French

Probably a damn American!

You drink too much

Lay around the house on welfare!

Smoke pot

Put stupid things on your Facebook wall! 330 more words


little local "delights"

To discover with joy that your local supermarket is now open on Sundays until 6pm (from 4pm), and only to find out the following day that the supermarket nearest to your office now opens at noon on Mondays (from of 8.30am!) 15 more words


in a nutshell [an introduction, of sorts]

With first 6 weeks out of the way, this is much delayed. Hence, without much beating about the bush – my first “Brussels in a nutshell”. 107 more words


Things that Drive me Crazy

Hey Guys, this is something new I wanted to try, just a short rant on things that I really don’t like. Hope you enjoy it :)


Who or What do you Dislike?

Dislike, even mild dislike is a misuse of God’s energy.

  1. Do you dislike yourself?

  2. Do you self-harm because of this dislike?

  3. How can you overcome a tendency to…

  4. 275 more words

F*ck-it list - April 2014

You will find listed below and in no particular order, followed by a short comment, the things I just think I don’t love.

I dislike having so many passwords to keep in mind for whatever: our real richness today is the password, not the money. 215 more words

Interesting knowledge

My counselor mentioned to me, that couples stay together because they have the same things in common that they don’t like. I thought that was interesting because I have thought it was the opposite, things they like. 119 more words