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Cauliflower: Like Or Dislike?

Occasionally on our Facebook page, we play a little game called Like or Dislike, with ingredients from the pantry, ingredients I’;m thinking about adding to my pantry, other seasonal foods, even favorite cooking gear. 20 more words

Women Ideas

Do you take your horses swimming?

Swimming horses was something I did pretty much every summer as a kid. For most of my life before leaving for college I lived beside a lake and had easy access to horse friendly water. 204 more words


Why U hate me?

You look at me with a blank stare as if you’re eyes are calling me a sinner. As if I’m the fire that burned a bridge across your smile, the cause of that rumble you call a frown. 113 more words

Please Not.

I have always hated arguments and misunderstandings. I can’t stand being not in good terms with anyone, especially with my friends.  I do get mad and I also do get hurt, but I cannot bear the thought of someone getting mad at me or worse, someone disliking me. 382 more words

Just Saying

So I really did have every intention of getting back to my groove this week. Unfortunately, I’m dealing with some things that require a lot… 869 more words

My Life As A Partial Quad

Lifetalk: Shameful Moments

Although I sound like a pathetic, whiny teenager, (I probably still haven’t matured in many ways, I learned a very important lesson of being careful of what you… 568 more words


The other day...

… I was waiting for someone in one of the cafes that have chairs and tables outside. It was late afternoon in a pedestrian zone, lovely weather as usually in this area at this time of the year. 254 more words

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