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What I Like/Dislike - Home Edition

I have had a little of a love-hate relationship with my current flat, but in the end, it still saddens me a little bit that we will soon be moving away! 555 more words


Utterly Uninspiring "How To Be A Writer" by Stewart Ferris


The title of this book is good. The author seems to be quite succesful. http://stewartferris.com/ The black lettersigns are quite pleasingly placed on paper with much room between the lines to stretch out the unimaginative content. 231 more words

Travelling In The UK

The Dislike Saga

Here we go one more time. Do we really need it? The dislike button. One of the most controversial dilemmas Facebook has recently encountered. What are we trying to achieve with it? 190 more words

...be of good cheer

If you’re a Facebook regular (which let’s face it, most of us are at this point, whether we like it or not), there are are a few things you’ve probably grown to expect—oversharing, poor, poor grammar, and the ever-cycling campaigns for a dislike button. 261 more words


I dislike...,

I dislike that I don’t spend as much time as I should spend in my secret place with Him.
I dislike that my mind still tends to think about other things or other people more than I think about Jesus, sometimes. 522 more words

Mark Zuckerberg Explains Possibility Of 'Dislike' Button (VIDEO)

I like his take on this– sometimes the ‘like’ button isn’t the proper way to express the emotion you may be feeling.

I don’t ‘like’ the fact that you just lost your job or a family member. 150 more words


Social Circles: This Week in Social Media (December 15, 2014)

Each week, Social Circles brings you the biggest news from behind the social networks. Keep up to date with the latest trends, breaking news, and expert analysis from across the web. 754 more words