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Qatar 2022 'dismay' at workers' pay

28 July 2014 Last updated at 21:25 Foreign workers now make up the bulk of the workforce in Qatar but say they have few rights Organisers of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar say they are “dismayed” by claims that migrant workers who fitted their offices are still waiting to be paid. 320 more words

[1: 1,329 of 10,000] Etisalat Telephone ID For Ritaj Block A Residence

Dubai’s only 2 competing telecommunications are setting to divide Dubai accordingly; meaning this residential block will only install Etisalat and for this part it’s exclusively… 361 more words



Curiosities like strangers
wandering about the lines
etch themselves upon your brow
Making much too much of the time
On your journey homeward
You never mind the rain… 88 more words

Off My Mind

Apathy !

Apathy is an infectious epidemic of this age.It breeds corruption,incompetence ,failure and dismay.J.M.Sabbagh

(( those who give up on their hopes to achieve their dreams are giving up on life itself.( l hope you will watch my video on you tube playing my musical instrument.”JALAL OUD 2″)http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.con ))

My Thoughts And Ideas In The Journey Of Life

A General Type of Living

I  do sometimes find myself staring at people’s general style of lasting out the timer on this time bomb we call life. Exciting, on the edge, innovative, in the moment… these are simply a few words that do not generally come to mind. 499 more words

Sidewalk Thoughts

After I say: “Gasp, Shock, Dismay!” 

Most people ask: “Why dismay?”


And I always reply: “Because it comes after gasp and shock, of course!”