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Con Disgusto y Desgracia/In Disgust and Disgrace

Since I was a kid, my mother has always described me as inquieta. For the gringos, this term roughly translates to a state of restlessness, or not being able to sit still. 1,803 more words


I have worked for the last 5 years as a caregiver for adults with special needs. I love my job. It is extremely challenging some days but I know it makes a huge difference in my clients lives. 1,958 more words

Mama, we've all gone crazy

Today the world seems a little more crazy than usual. The first two sentences of the song explain things well enough.


Grain fell to the ground, grain begs for rain. 216 more words


Out of place

Have you ever lived an outcast’s life? If affirmative, mail me now with vivid description. We can talk.

When you have been encouraged to disagree all your life, it seems suffocating to trek eighteen miles in a straight line of conservative humans starting one cloudy morning. 147 more words

Year One

In about one week, I will have been at this new job for a year. One Damn Year. At the 6 month mark I wanted to escape. 238 more words

Three Reactions To Game Last Night (2014)

1. Sadness.
2. Dismay.
3. Childish behavior.
Husband throwing
fits on ground.


Dismay at us school due to Ebola

Help Point Arrived from the Ebola virus scare in the United States that the request of the school teacher in Maine (northeast) took leave of it coming from Dallas where the patient died eight days ago, A local newspaper reported Saturday. 127 more words