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A Longing Clench

Too many a faces. He saw

them all drifting away.

He might have taken the wrong way.

A place in the wrong plane?

An alien to his own Land ! 155 more words


Jaw dropping

How do you deal with people who have no concept of time? You know them, the ones who are always running behind. They will probably be late to their own funeral. 14 more words


A Yard Filled with Bricks

Such an unexpected thing
To see you there,
Across the bar,
Not a worry or care.

And suddenly a flood,
Of suppressed
Like a wave: 96 more words



A long day with pinned moments,
sewn together stitch by stitch.
A cold night to seal the moments,
slipping sly so much like to bewitch. 349 more words



Tuesdays and Thursdays are the Tofu of the week. Nothing exciting happens for me on these days.

Monday is the Suck Day….that goes without saying. 243 more words

Night or Day

I have no idea why you devour the day and sleep the night away. The night is perhaps the only hour, when a sincere tear is shed. 195 more words


Three That Some Adults Do (2014)

1. Work.
2. Play.
3. Throw tantrums.
To counter their dismay-
In a temporary childlike way.