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The Dismemberment Plan - Uncanny Valley

The Dismemberment Plan – Uncanny Valley
Partisan Records
October 15, 2013

What It Sounds Like:  How does anyone even begin to describe the sound of The Plan?   1,062 more words


Jean Cook & David Durst

Jean Cook & David Durst
Quincy Street House

JC: So the first Punk-Not-Rock was July 8th, 1999. And I played the Ravel sonata with my sister, and Travis wrote a piece for us, oh and there’s Satie pieces by Amy. 8,958 more words


Dear Delia: This Is The Beginning

Is there any traffic to ideas? Will any ever matter? You decide. #Ideafarm

(If these already exist, that would be great. If they don’t, your explanation or conception of any of the following ideas may be, and probably is, better imagined. 1,578 more words

Music Journals

Goes Black - Big Ups

Full of anger, trepidation, and mental stagnation, “Goes Black” by New York art-punks, Big Ups is the song for people stuck in a “funk.”  150 more words


Jason Hamacher

December 21, 2010
Washington, DC

TP: So, when did you first find out, when did you first hear about Kansas House?

JH: Late 90s

TP: Do you remember how? 4,919 more words


Ian MacKaye

Ian MacKaye
Washington, DC

TP: Do you remember when you heard about Kansas for the first time?

IM: The venue?

TP: The house itself, like, what was going on here. 10,651 more words