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Vu ja De

Hah, remember when I said that I wanted to finish this day before today? Yeah that’s not happening. Oh well, hopefully I’ll finish Saturday before I go away next weekend! 805 more words

Amuck, Amuck, Amuck

You can tell the nights I’m home alone – lots of TR updating! I’m also really hoping to get done with Saturday (my longest day) before this weekend kicks off my friends’ wedding week so hopefully I manage that between tonight and tomorrow! 1,102 more words

Frozen Fireworks!!

After the fireworks ended we joined the masses and masses of people trying to make it out of the park. It was almost worse than when we left after New Year’s Eve but we were moving slowly enough for me to snap this neat picture of the “snow” 61 more words

Lunch, Eh?

We got to Le Cellier pretty much on time. We only waited for a few minutes, enjoying the bench and the AC before being led into the restaurant. 967 more words

Off to F-Cot

A few years ago, when the first stage of the Harry Potter park opened at Universal, my mother, Jem, and I went to go see it. 1,044 more words

Exhaustion Takes Control

Alright guys, I’ll be updating at least twice today, if not three times! I’m going to try and bang out a bit because yesterday I walked five miles all over Keene (none of my friends believed me when I said I parked a mile outside of town until they walked with me back to my car) yesterday at Pumpkinfest as a last hurrah before the next two weeks are taken up by my friends’ wedding. 1,495 more words

Time Out!

Like I said, we got back to the hotel around 1-ish. We stayed on the bus and got off at OPR. This was the second time we had gone to OPR for food and this time it was much closer to lunch time. 322 more words