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Film Review: "Into the Woods"

All of our fantasy stories from childhood built around an original take on fairy tales as told by Stephen Sondheim. Into the Woods started out on the Broadway stage and now is on the huge screen opened Christmas Day 2014. 250 more words


It All Started With A Duck, Part Two: Now Starting With A Bear

The DONALD Scores are rankings for Disney animated films that combine personal opinion with a pseudo-scientific veneer of hard data. For a full introduction to the DONALD system, please go… 918 more words

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It All Started With A Duck, Part One: Introducing the DONALD System for Ranking Disney Movies

A little more than a year and a half ago, my wife and I took the first tentative steps of what would become a monumental journey. 987 more words


Big Hero 6 Review (SPOILERS... duh)

I’ve just finished watching the new Disney movie ‘Big Hero 6′ and oh my! I honestly didn’t think that Disney could improve much more after Tangled (I’m not the biggest Frozen fan) but they really have raised the bar with this one. 251 more words

Big Hero 6

Maleficent - Robert Stromberg 2014

Everyone knows the Brothers Grimm┬ástory of Sleeping Beauty, last year Disney released a new adaption of the same story, told entirely from the perspective of Maleficent, the story’s villain. 328 more words

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George Lucas Was Supposed To Direct 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Handing off your best project like Star Wars to another director isn’t easy, so when we learned the real reason George Lucas sold Lucasfilms to Disney, it made sense. 299 more words


Best Villains of TV/Films

Everyone likes a hero, the one who challenges the evil villain and fights for justice. However, you got to appreciate some bad guys, there are several villains in films and in TV shows who capture audience members with their brutal and genius plans. 639 more words