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One of many reasons why I love Beauty and the Beast


Decorating Fairy Wings for a Tinker Bell Party

I don’t know whether you call Tinker Bell a Disney Princess, but I certainly think of her as an honorary princess.  Your child might love all the female Disney characters, or she might just love fairies, but either way, these wings would make an adorable party or holiday fun craft. 141 more words

Disney Princess

Vintage Disney Is Always Good

Check out this vintage Disneyland picture originally from Buzzfeed. It’s got all the main villains together–along with their slaves princesses working for them.

The picture is after the jump.


Cheap Disney Princess School Supplies at Woolworths

If you live near a Woolworths, you might be in luck.  At my local Woolworths store, they are clearing out the school supplies, including Disney Princess and other Disney characters.  89 more words

Disney Princess

Zak Disney Princess Mealtime Sets

Have you ever bought a Disney Princess item for your child and been disappointed with the quality?  I have to say, in general, I have not, but recently, I bought a set similar to the one pictured above.  177 more words

Disney Princess

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Pocahontas (1995)

Pocahontas is a movie that makes me sad, but not in the way its producers intended. It’s not that I am swelled up in the romance between the young Powhatan princess and Englishman John Smith, it’s more that I love so many aspects of it, and yet, can’t bring myself to love the movie itself, because, well, this was a very misguided project to begin with. 336 more words


Too Entangled in Captivity?

My daughter is 4 years old. One thing I am focused on as a father is helping her to become a strong, independent thoughtful & caring person. 295 more words