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Controversial Domestic Abuse Campaign

Random Thought

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Controversial? Good! Maybe it will raise some needed awareness and spark discussion to bring about positive change. My question: Why are people more upset to see a cartoon drawing with a black eye than a real life person?!

What the Disney Princesses Taught Me

Subtitled: The Case for Disney Diversity

Sub-subtitled: Probably TMI About Me for Any of You Casual Readers

I’m thankful that I was never assigned to do one of those “My Greatest Influence” reports back in elementary school. 3,308 more words


Thor Is A Disney Princess

Seems like airtight logic, right? Maybe…or maybe not! Last week I uploaded a video talking about some of my thoughts on the recent changes made to Thor and Marvel. 49 more words

Leah Astore

Rapunzel and Anna: Twins?

So you may have heard through the grapevine that Rapunzel and Anna look alike, only with different colored features (hair, eyes). I decided to draw them together, and in the process found…they really don’t look alike at all. 499 more words


Can Apps cure stress?

No matter what industry you’re in; Advertising (gulp), medicine, teaching or even a stay at home mom, you are bound to have some level of stress and anxiety in your life. 624 more words


Blue-Eyed, Black Haired Girls

To all the little girls who grew up feeling left out because there was no Disney princess with black hair and blue eyes, it’s okay… 22 more words

Wild Child

Today my precious niece Stella turns three years old. According to her, she is 3, Uncle Rich is 2, Papa is 1, and Finn is a baby. 160 more words

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