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Mixing It Up For Disney

This is for all the Disney Princesses out here! Sashiiko Anti provided Disney characters with a high fashion make-over as she allowed her imagination to take control. 54 more words

Personal Project (as if this site isn't enough)

I am not an artist…but I have watched Art Attack.

When I presented my idea of a site (originally) that archived Fictional  Princesses of Colour to my peers in a class on Social Movements and Activism (Hi guys!), a few people asked me what I was going to contribute personally. 412 more words

Disney Princesses

Only One POC Per Item (and white people are welcomed too)

In an earlier post I mentioned that one of the reasons I started this project was because I noticed Jasmine had disappeared from a lot of merchandise once Tiana arrived on the scene.   323 more words

Disney Princesses

Princess (?) Pocahontas

Sigh. This girl is a difficult post to write about. Her character, while loosely based off of the historical person/character, Pocahontas of Jamestown, the Disney Princess and film are often criticized for their historical inaccuracies and  horrible stereotypes, among other things (including her inclusion as a Disney Princess a monarchical system which can be seen as offensive given what real monarchies did unto Native lands). 209 more words

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Princess (?) Mulan

Mulan is a hero and there’s no doubt about it. She is also loosely based off of the character Hua Mulan from the ancient Chinese poem Ballad of Mulan. 179 more words

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Where's Jasmine? Or How I Got Started

I started this project a few months ago not knowing exactly where it was going to go because I started to get annoyed at Disney merchandise (I know big surprise but as someone who still loves Disney it’s occasionally disappointing to confront their representations of race). 811 more words

Disney Princesses

Tactics of Inspiration 1: Believe in Yourself

I’ve been working on a lot of these posts for a few weeks now but I decided to post an archive on Jasmine early so I could have a better idea of what this blog would look like before I launched it. 485 more words

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