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Why Gravity Falls Is A Great Show

Imagine taking Creepypasta, the State of Oregon, a little town in the midst of a forest, and add in two pre-teens and their great uncle who likes to con stupid tourists out their money. 400 more words

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WATCH: 'Tomorrowland' Super Bowl Big Spot Trailer


Disney is set to capture our childhood wonder and excitement again with the impending release of Tomorrowland, a new film starring George Clooney (Frank) and Britt Robertson (Casey). 79 more words


Duffy Valentines Bento

Wow, January has gone by in a flash and it is now February! Valentines Day is next weekend, and I’ve started planning some Valentines food art. 61 more words

'Tomorrowland' Official Super Bowl Trailer!

“Tomorrowland” Official Super Bowl TV Spot Trailer.

Another Mysterious Trailer For 'Tomorrowland' Debuted During The Super Bowl

It’s been a month since the first teaser trailer premiered for Disney’s futuristic Tomorrowland. We still have no idea what this movie is about but the new 30 second clip that just aired during Super Bowl XLIX did reveal a few new looks, including a slightly graying George Clooney (who looks to be some kind of spirit guide to another world), a smiling Hugh Laurie, and Britt Robertson as a girl with a pretty cool pin. 15 more words


Another Disney Post... but more Designer friendly.

It’s been such a hectic week, full of snow & college work. Last week, right when this “HUGE SNOW BLIZZARD” came, I looked outside my window & couldn’t see anything because the snow had covered ALL OF MY ENTIRE HOUSE (I was on the 3rd floor!) OH NOES!!!!! 849 more words