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Christmas Presents for Children

Every year, it is a challenging task to buy present for kids. They are for my best friends’ children and my niece. Last year, I made the purchase during Thanksgiving Black Friday and Cyber Monday period and they did not arrive on time for our Christmas party. 52 more words


Food for Thought

Sometimes you come across a blog post that just sticks with you.  When I find one of these, I typically star them in my email knowing I will want to revisit the post and possibly use it as fuel for a future post of my own. 751 more words


Throwback Thursday: An Interview With Jonathan Kite

About a year ago, I had the immense pleasure of interviewing a really hilariously funny guy. Unfortunately, the site I was working for didn’t pan out and the interview got lost in the shuffle. 1,533 more words

Throwback Thursday

30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 18

This movie…. Holy shit. Talk about freaky scene here. This guy is full on crazy.


Here are 10 of the best dressed CEOs in the U.S.

The CEOs of the country’s top companies certainly have the means to dress as well as they want, but money doesn’t necessarily translate to fashion. While looking the part of a leader is one of a CEO’s priorities, the finer points of fashion are often lost on someone leading a Fortune 500 company. 93 more words


Lines, Lines Everywhere There’s Lines

What to do at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom When the Crowds are Overwhelming.

We are entering some of Walt Disney World’s busiest times of the year, the Holiday Season. 1,271 more words

Growing up with Cartoons and Animes

Besides going outside to play with my cousins, my childhood – as I am guessing that most in my age group are, was also molded by… 2,047 more words

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