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Guest Post - My Daughter's Critical Processing Disorder, Mojitos, And Embracing Grace

My friend, Shawna, started Not The Former Things awhile back and it is supplying knowledge and connection where so many families felt on the outskirts – unaware and lost. 66 more words


Sitting Still

“Sit Still”

Never have two words held such terror for me.
As a child I dreaded hearing them, they were always stern, hard words. You can’t even say them in way that is pleasant and fun. 3,180 more words


Passing of a neighbour

My neighbour recently died, she took an overdose of heroin, whilst we can’t decide if this was a suicide attempt or just a relapse from drugs, its safe to say it was sudden and we all became distraught and shocked. 368 more words

Self Harm

Are you mental health positive?

When I was campaigning with the national charity Student Minds  at the University of Nottingham we had to figure out a way to define the ideology that we wanted to promote across campus. 393 more words

Mental Health

Ice Teas that Burn Fat Fast and Keep You Hydrated!

Iced Teas are a true blessing in summer, when temperatures stubbornly play with you and leave you without power. When you have no energy, the fat is not burned properly, so your efforts to lose weight are nothing but a labor of Sisyphus. 432 more words



when you have anxiety, the act of living takes too much time.

it’s unmanageable, the way that your schedule is filled with things that normal people don’t have to do. 133 more words


Dissociative Identity Disorder.

i remember learning about it in psychology and the teacher showing us Sybil. i never understood how such a disorder happens—and maybe that’s part of the reason that this disorder’s always fascinated me. 428 more words