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"For Kids On The Autism Spectrum, This Little Robot Could Make A Big Difference"

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This April 22, 2014 article on the WESA Pittsburgh NPR Station’s website includes an audio version also, but talks about a robot named Romibo that is designed to help kids who have Autism learn to communicate better.  127 more words

Mental Health

Whats in a Brand? Are generics legit...

Last Saturday I picked up new meds from a new pharmacy. They dispensed me a different “brand” … really just another generic. I was taking APO and they changed it to TEVA. 208 more words

Recovery Day X

Questions and answers I did on intrusive thoughts

After reading a couple of books and reading stuff online, ive done my own question and answers on intrusive thoughts from what ive learnt while suffering with bad thoughts. 191 more words

From the Inside Out

So there are a few distinct symptoms of depression that signal that something is going wrong in a person’s life and that they may potentially be suicidal if things progress any further. 390 more words

" I DON'T WANT TO DIE" - Overcoming Anxiety About Death

Mental Health Monday continues our weekly series today with an eye-opening, hard-hitting look at the deep-seated fear and anxiety we all have about dying and… 323 more words

Smooth Or Crunchy

When You're Paranoid and Everybody Knows It

I had a conversation with my sister over the weekend and even though it was discussed in a semi-joking manner, we believe we have a family full of bipolar disorder, depression and all around mania. 480 more words


Living with Anxiety

Everyone pretty much goes through the bullying stages at school. Some worse than others.
Mine started to worsen during my last year at primary school. I had always had nasty teasing about the way I looked from girls but it was different this time. 337 more words