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Chadwick Stokes Live Acoustic Performance Friday Feb. 6th

A typical musician wouldn’t travel across the country by hopping freight trains or playing shows inside fans’ living rooms throughout North America and Europe after selling out arenas like Madison Square Garden (for three consecutive nights), but Chadwick Stokes is anything but your typical musician. 140 more words

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'I Did Not Convert. I Did Not Say Prayers.'

LALISH, Iraq — Samira Benav and her mother were overwhelmed with emotions as they hugged Khero, Samira’s older brother, in a building by the side of the complex of stone buildings with conical roofs that house the shrines of Yazidi saints. 1,093 more words


Egypt's War on Charity

ABOU RAWASH, Egypt — Like most villages in Egypt, Abou Rawash is brown, dusty, and poor. Farming implements dot the landscape and herds of sheep graze directly outside the cheaply constructed brick and concrete buildings that are a hallmark of Egypt’s lower classes. 1,576 more words

Human Rights

Trench Warfare in Turkey

CIZRE, Turkey — “So this is peace,” Musa Karahan said, laughing. Behind him, bullet holes stretched across a row of shuttered storefronts, barely visible in the growing darkness. 2,181 more words


Nickname-rich Kyuhyun

Nicknames. They usually come from special things based on your appearance or personality. They’re different things people call you.

Everyone has nicknames. Usually people have 1 or 2, or at most not more than 5. 683 more words


An Empty, Underused Medical Outpost Could Be the Future of the Ebola Fight

GRAND CAPE MOUNT, Liberia — In December 2014, an imam in the Liberian county of Grand Cape Mount decided that he could cure Ebola through prayer and the laying-on of hands. 1,928 more words


‘Whatever the Islamic State Wants, We Should Give Them’

AMMAN, Jordan — From his home in the Jordanian capital, Safi al-Kasasbeh quietly reconstructed his son’s ordeal, searching for clues that God is on his family’s side. 1,179 more words

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