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Reconstruction Debate

While I’m not a reconstructionist nor a dispensationalist, I did find this one to be an interesting debate. Some of these guys were pretty young when this took place.


Flotsam and jetsam

Who can name earth shattering changes in the way people looked at the world when what was thought to be true was shown to be mistaken? 1,406 more words


How Many Dispensations? A Comparison Of Various Dispensational Schemes By Ed. Sanders

How many dispensations are there? It depends on who you ask! I have documented schemes that claim anywhere between 3 and 19. I quote one author that says it could be as many as 37! 41 more words

The Bible

Is Satan Bound?

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Is Satan bound? We will answer that question at the end of this post which addresses, once again, the problematic theology of Dispensationalism. 2,290 more words

Convert or Die: Which Would You Choose?

Each day the world is learning the truth about the blood-thirsty prophet known to history as Muhammad, and his modern day radical followers. In AD 627, Muhammad committed a violent and bloody atrocity against the last remaining major tribe of Jews in Medina, the Qurayza. 460 more words

Christian Living

The Olivet Discourse, Pt. 2

Click play on the audio player below to hear this week’s sermon from Pastor Robie.

Read the passage here:

Matthew 24:3-14




Announcements… 29 more words


Dispense the Truth

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In the comment board of Who is Israel?, I posted a supplemental thought which sort of morphed into this article detailing the problematic theology of  Dispensationalism. 1,017 more words