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Raising the Bar

What is going on in the minds of professing Christians today? How is it that books like John Hagee’s “Four Blood Moons” is a best seller? 611 more words

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Letter 8: Like a Thief in the Night: Some Thoughts on the End Times

Last night, the subject of the End Times came up in the small group that I lead with my wife. Several people vigorously affirmed that we were indeed in the End Times. 921 more words


Ligonier Q & A

Listening to the first 20 minutes of this discussion is well worth your time if you are thinking about, researching or just curious about Dispensationalism and what exactly is the outcome if you hold to it.



PMT 2014-046 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

Revelation is a book as fascinating as it is difficult. Unfortunately, it is made more difficult by approaching it in the wrong way and viewing it through out-of-focus lenses. 2,557 more words


"Blood Moons" and the Meaning of Prophecy

Maybe you’ve heard something in the press about “blood moons” this year and next. ¬†They sound scary, don’t they?

A “blood moon” is a vivid description of the full moon during a total lunar eclipse. 917 more words

Especially For Beginners

Dramatic Drop Seen In American Evangelical Support for Israel

American evangelicals have played a significant role in U.S. support for Israel; by some measures they are even more supportive than American Jews.


God's Promise of A New Covenant to the House of Israel

(This post is somewhat similar to my April 2011 post titled, “No Alienation from the Commonwealth of Israel.” This post, however, features several new details and approaches the topic from a different angle.) 2,841 more words