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Do You Use a Heart Rate Monitor?

One of the keys to running long distances is to run within  your ability.  A simple way to quantify your ability is to utilize a heart rate monitor. 255 more words


Replace Your Car's Clock with an On Board Diagnostics Display

If you’re a car lover, or simply someone who is bothered by not knowing what’s going on in your “machine” at all times, you might be interested in having a customizable diagnostics display. 193 more words


Tretyakov's portrait gallery


Conceived as “a gallery within the gallery”, the collection of portraits put together by Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov (1832-1898) is a landmark of Russian culture originating from the second half of the 19th century. 922 more words


Stylish Storage for Books and Beyond

Bookcases began as built-in cupboards for medieval, handwritten books but eventually became ornate and freestanding. The poem “Shake, Mulleary and Go-ethe” captures the joy of owning beautiful book storage: 281 more words


Google Play Search Filter can Now Display 4 Stars Rated Apps Only

If you Search for Apps on the Google Play store you probably get results with many low rated Apps along with High rated Apps in the middle, Google is a search company is the first place so t

Kiwi military technology display

Gold medal winner Martin Van Tiel displays his athletic skills to interested military scientists who plan to use his ‘flash powder’ to enhance New Zealand’s … 18 more words


I love eating mushrooms.  Cooked or raw, mushrooms are a staple in our home.

This stems back to my childhood, when my mother took us mushrooming.  1,504 more words

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