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Get Social with Disqus

To call Disqus a commenting service doesn’t begin to describe its capabilities. This service can turn your blog into your own social network. A better way to describe it would be that it’s like putting a text conversation at the bottom of each post. 625 more words


15 Signs That You Are Taking Yourself Too Seriously On The Internet


When creating an account on a new website, you have to choose your most charming profile picture from an album called “charming profile pics,” then carefully PS it and crop it to the proper size, and make sure it shows off your best feature(s) before uploading it to the site. 481 more words

Mixology Radio 10 Days to Go before Launch

Build your Business Page and Promote your Special, whilst Listening to the Cutting Edge sounds of Mark Lewis with Friends streaming the New Vegas Mixology Radio

memasang komentar disqus di wordpress

poastingan ini adalah postinga uji coba saya, sebagai dokumentasi pembuatan “pemasangan komentar disqus di wordpress

untuk lebih jelasnya anda bisa melihatnya di video bawah ini : 6 more words