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Students Get a Choice

Paws Up!

To the New Hampshire Department of Education for adopting a new student choice policy.

The New Hampshire Department of Education has adopted a new… 270 more words

Paws Up/Paws Down

Big Fish

Lately the boys have been curious about the insides of things, and have been asking for a dissection.  Since they were both interested in fish, that is what we decided on.   615 more words


Fetal Pig Dissection Lab

-Before you get too geeked out: This end of this post contains an image of a fetal pig that is being dissected. If you are uncomfortable with this, the three following paragraphs are image free. 365 more words

baby piggies

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last post…sorry about that. This week is crazy (even though it just started). I have three in class essays this week, and it’s only a four day week (yay Easter!) But anyway, my bio class yesterday was an extremely traumatic experience. 320 more words

Q&A: Is There A Lot of Homework?

This really depends on your department.

Fortunately, due to UC Berkeley’s 7 Course Breadth Requirement, my classmates and I have dabbled in courses from many departments, including economics, mathematics, English, philosophy, earth and planetary sciences, and history. 359 more words

Classwork And Homework

Video: Gastric to Esophageal Mucosal Transplantation

In the April issue of Gastroenterology, researchers report transplantation of mucosa from a patient’s stomach to esophagus, to prevent stricture formation after circumferential endoscopic mucosal dissection of early-stage esophageal cancer. 250 more words

GI Tract

Dissecting a kestrel pellet

The other day I found what I thought was an owl pellet under a big old tree. A pellet consists of the undigestible parts of the bird’s diet, regurgitated in a neat little package. 161 more words