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Lung dissection

Yesterday morning I sawed off the ribs and sternum of my donor, severed her pulmonary veins and arteries, and removed both of her lungs.  They felt and looked like oddly shaped oversaturated sponges.   131 more words

Brainy Kids: Animals and Dissections Resource

This might sound gross, but I remember being excited to dissect a worm in school. Learning about animals and their behavior is intriguing, but seeing and learning about their inner workings can be just as fascinating. 209 more words

Dana Publications

First day of Dissection

I have to admit, walking into anatomy lab and being surrounded by body bags was slightly alarming. The first couple days of anatomy lab (during the first week) we were oriented with the actual laboratory and how to use our dissection kits. 233 more words

1st Semester

So I wrote this creepy poem . . .

So i wrote this creepy poem today! It’s about doing an autopsy. Apparently writing while watching CSI will yield strange things. 

Cold, firm, lifeless ,

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First Days and White Coats

I’m happy to say that I made it through my first week of vet school! While the coursework overall seems a little overwhelming, (I about had a panic attack after looking through my anatomy syllabus for the first time) the classes themselves have felt manageable so far as long as I keep on top of everything. 523 more words

Virtual Dissection

My middle school was set up in long strips of classrooms called “wings.” Each wing was dedicated to a certain course of study. There was the math wing, the language arts wing, biological sciences, physical sciences, and so on. 323 more words


Cadaver Dissection: Last Day (officially)

이어지는 해부실습과 시험 등 일상에 심신이 모두 지쳐있는 상태… 어떻게 다 지나갔는지 모르겠다. 무엇보다 내가 해부란 과목을 넘 못해서 그냥 짜증 ㅠㅠ

어제와 오늘은 모두 새벽1시까지 실습실에 갖혀있었다. 어제는 다같이 그랬다쳐도, 오늘은 조별로 끝나는 대로 가는건데… 우리 조가 마지막으로 끝났다.ㅎㅎ

실습 도중, 내가 너무 허리가 아파서 허리를 뒤로 젖히는 hyperextension 동작을 취했는데 옆에서 그걸 따라하던 조원이 넘어지면서 살짝 소란스러워졌고 조교선생님이 “6조는 제일 마지막에 검사맡겠습니다” 이런게.. 진짜로 꼴찌로 끝내줄줄은 몰랐네..?ㅠㅜㅡㅜ 세상에서 가장 슬픈 기지개가 되었음..

나왔더니 비가 엄청 내린다.  택시타고 집으로 달려가는중.