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Cupcakes and Pythons and Brains, Oh My!

Yesterday I showed you the reason for our most recent trip to Discovery Place (giant metal dinosaur puppets), but we actually did a ton of other really fun and interesting stuff while we there. 900 more words

Home School

Why Should I Be Paine Attention?

“I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.” John Adams


Grave Robbing for "The Benefit of the Living"

Rattle his bones over the stones,
He’s only a pauper, whom nobody owns. [1]

Imagine you are a sick pauper living in Cleveland, Ohio in 1855. 880 more words

Medical History

Dissecting is Weird

There isn’t a more eloquent way for me to describe it; dissecting is just… weird.

So today was our first session on the anterior lower limb, and I was very excited/nervous/anxious/buzzing. 417 more words

Medical School Things

I Went Out And Got Pithed

No, I haven’t begun to lithp. I did actually mean ‘pithed’. Getting pissed would have been a whole lot more fun.

The story begins long ago in a little country school… 541 more words

Diane Henders

Happy birthday to Andreas Vesalius

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of anatomist Andreas Vesalius. Born in 1514 in modern-day Brussels, he was educated in France before taking up a position teaching surgery and anatomy at the University of Padua in Italy. 360 more words


Beginning Cadaver Sketches

I have been meaning to post some sketches for weeks of the dissections my gross anatomy class has been doing. Here are some of the first ones. 82 more words