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Black Metal Friday: Dissection “Dark Mother Divine”

Sweden’s Dissection was a lightening rod for controversy. The band would release only 3 full-length albums in its career, but each of them is considered…

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Heavy Metal

A Day in the Dissection Rooms

The opportunity for me to observe a human dissection class a King’s College University, London, was initially daunting. Not only had I heard the horror stories and warnings of how students attend such events only to vomit, faint or collapse, in all honesty I had never been in an environment surrounded by that level of morbidity. 739 more words


Biology - High School Students

This year I’ve had the pleasure of guiding a group of High School Homeschoolers through Apologia’s Biology Curriculum. The scholars are 15 to 18 years old. 929 more words

2015 January

Embrace the Ick ~ The Darkness Within

In answer to the daily prompt Embrace the Ick: Think of something that truly repulses you. Hold that thought until your skin squirms. Now, write a glowing puff piece about its amazing merits.

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Flower Power!

Ryan and I have been enjoying our botany studies and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned so far.  God’s creation is SOOO AMAZING!!!  I am so thankful that this science course from Apologia has helped us learn the intricate, fascinating details of seeds, plants, and flowers. 352 more words


Tendons, vessels, muscle, bone-
little more than its sum, alone.
Without life, alone.

A heart upon your fingers,
fibers smooth, firmness lingers.
A pump sleeps, alone. 46 more words

Medical School

굉음 음반 안내서 #076 Dissection - The Somberlain

북유럽 멜로딕블랙메탈 역사를 그 시조인 디섹션(Dissection)을 빼놓고 말할 수 없다. 결성 당시에는 데스메탈 성향을 띠던 디섹션은 첫 번째 앨범에서 대담하게 변신했다. 예리한 트레몰로 리프를 사용한 빠른 블랙메탈을 지향했다. 15 more words

굉음 음반 안내서