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The World's Most Repressive Regimes Delight In U.S. Crack Down In Ferguson | ThinkProgress

After decades of preaching to the world about how to handle dissent among its citizens almost to the point of being some sort of superior authority…….the rest of the world can all gloat over the handling of the situation in Ferguson….. 29 more words


Summer Reading August 20th

Secretly, I’m a little excited that summer is going to be over soon.This is the first time since I turned 16 that I didn’t have a job over the summer, and I feel like a less-than productive member of society right now. 382 more words

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Sermon On The Hill

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

For decades the US has been this beacon of light and hope….that shining star of democracy where the people are free to voice their opinions and to gather for a demonstration against said government. 448 more words


"I won’t mind one goddamn bit to have a little anti-Semitism" ~ R. M. Nixon

Ever wonder why they took Nixon down?

It is one of history’s great ironies that Nixon’s proposed airlift played an integral role in the salvation of the Jewish state, as in the years since the release of the Watergate Tapes it has become one of the established facts of the Nixon mythos that…

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REAL State Of The Union

Medals? We Don't Need Your Stinking Medals!

A Dutch man who risked his life to save a Jew during the Holocaust gave back a medal he received for his actions in order to protest Israel’s actions in Gaza.

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Israel Clamps Down on Internal Dissent

As a tenuous ceasefire takes hold, the besieged Gaza strip must contend with the path of death and destruction left by Israel’s month-long military assault, including 1,939 Palestinian lives lost, 9,886 wounded, over 200,000 displaced, and more than 10,000 Palestinian housing units severely damaged or completely ruined. 1,673 more words

Social Justice

#POTD - August 12th, 2014 - OAS - Riot Police

This shot is one of my favorites.  Seems menacing on the surface, but the fact is, all these geared up cops were more bored than concerned.  69 more words