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Has The World Gone Mad, Or Is It Me?

The past couple of weeks have been intense. I feel like I’m slowly becoming a hermit, thanks to university and the intense workload. However, I also know that I would rather get my head down for one more year and get a good honours degree, even if it means not being able to see my friends as much. 237 more words

Chaos On The Airwaves

Getting Into The Swing Of It

Well my research plan has been submitted (not marked as of yet), now I am working on my Literature Review, which will make up the bulk of my introduction, and my first chapter, which is due in 25 days. 63 more words


Officially a Candidate

Last week I took a break from regularly scheduled activities to mentally jump up and down (real jumping up and down would kill my back… 245 more words


Writing an Abstract

This abstract has been, without a doubt, the hardest part of my dissertation so far. However, I believe I have finally finished it, although it may need a bit of tweaking here and there. 131 more words



Yesterday’s meeting with my committee chair went really well.  We had discussed the four case studies in my proposal previously and my task was to develop and more fully explore it using the various lenses I’ve chosen for my dissertation.   90 more words


Back in University

Well the academic year has begun again. My deadlines are coming closer and closer, my Research Plan is due in two weeks, it is mostly done though so no panicking. 118 more words


Selecting the Best Chair

There are two very important chairs you must select when writing a dissertation.

Most importantly, your dissertation chair. I am grateful that the professor I asked to serve as my chair agreed to do so early on and has already challenged my work and pushed me to be better. 620 more words