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Look how far I have come!

Working for a university at this time of year raises quite a few discussions in the office about qualificaitons, exam results and degrees.  Combined with a friend who has decided to embark on a PhD herself It got me thinking about what I have done and where I am now.    931 more words


"When She Talks, People Listen to Her"

More than anything else, I am proud of the applicability of my doctoral thesis.

While I concentrated on the work of such canonical (and, admittedly, male) authors/directors as Richard Wright and Alfred Hitchcock, I knew my argument pertained to a wide range of artists. 125 more words


How revising--really revising--a dissertation chapter is different than anything I've ever done

Before moving on to theories, research methods, data or findings, I can think of no other way to introduce the impetus for blogging about my dissertation beyond the disorientating act of actually… 273 more words


Ever Forward

It has been a couple of months since my most recent update, and I wanted to make sure I posted before the semester begins.  As a PhD student in the dissertation proposal stage, I find it challenging to track when the semesters begin and end as I have no formal classes to attend.   367 more words


Creating a Portfolio

I don’t know if this is the same format as other universities but I am required to create a portfolio of my dissertation for a course module. 172 more words


Avoiding Writing my Dissertation by Writing about it

I seem to have taken a bit of a break from updating and thought…why not avoid working on my dissertation and explain my absence?  Does that sound fantastic?   311 more words


Scheduling Fun

One of the most important things I do near the end of the week every week is making sure I have some fun scheduled for the following week. 446 more words