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Books Worth Reading

One of the things I spent some time on earlier this summer was reading about writing. It’s not that I doubt that I can write well, but that writing a dissertation is a very specific task. 981 more words


Starting at the Very Beginning

How do you write a dissertation? I laugh at even attempting to answer this question. I’ve never written one. But I am writing one. I am… 407 more words


Get Over It

I may have written about this before, but I find myself learning this particular lesson over and over again. And while Kai has imparted innumerable gems of wisdom, this time it was Koa who made me stop and consider my neuroses. 632 more words


Finding Words - Part 2

Obviously books will play a large role in any type of dissertation, but even more so for a Historians dissertation. History students spend a lot of time in libraries, trying to find anything and everything that references their topic. 101 more words


Four Years

Four years ago this month, I started this blog as I looked forward to entering this journey that has become “My PhD Experience.”  It has been quite a ride and it’s still going!   177 more words


Big Changes

The blog is getting a new title. Since I’m not in Pittsburgh anymore and since I usually end up writing about the dissertation process or about dogs (or both), I figured I’d take a new approach. 461 more words


The start of my dissertation: Alexander Litvinenko's death

Alexander Litvinenko’s death is considered one of the most controversial events in recent history; international politics and relations too. His death in November 2006 caused huge political tensions between Britain and Russia with both deporting and dismissing ambassadors and other diplomats back to their respective countries as a result of this man’s death. 438 more words