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Memory and the Formation of Internal Time-Consciousness

Right now. I am writing this blog, cooking some chicken, and listening to music. For me though, now is a rather large amount of time, when I think of all my movements compiled into a ‘now’ point. 501 more words


"I'm busy" is a euphemism

I’ve read a couple articles about how we all get caught up in being so busy.  A lot of them talk about how we need to escape the busyness spiral.   408 more words


The MacGyver Principle

Today we continue with the theme of continuity in program implementation. Last time I explained continuity in terms of Duplos. Today we’ll come at the same idea from an different angle. 469 more words


Dissertation Editing Services contain the skill to remove plagiarism works. The transition in one paragraph on the next is created smooth by the top-notch Editors. Writing a Dissertation could be the final lap inside the academic career and needs systematic handling in order to obtain a good grade. 356 more words


Like every writer, sometimes the ideas are there, percolating in my mind, but I completely lack the means to articulate them in a clear, cogent way. 149 more words

Letting deadlines pass.

Sometimes, it’s okay to let a deadline pass. Especially a self imposed deadline. I continue to work on my dissertation and try desperately to produce chapters at a lightning clip to finish my degree by May. 192 more words


The Waiting Game

Perhaps the most stressful part of the entire dissertation process is not the writing… it’s the waiting. Bouncing along, writing everything out, tweaking things, getting it just how you want it. 622 more words