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Political talk always gets me into trouble, especially after I’ve had few glasses of wine, but last night’s debate on the political situation in Lebanon left me wanting more. 1,582 more words


The truth about Sweden now spreads abroad

I cannot help publishing this video clip from the American CBN News on Sweden. As a dissident I must admit that this is a depiction that hits the mark completely, at least to all the inhabitants that have seen through media’s dishonest reporting, which is the case for more and more Swedes today. 199 more words


The man who went looking for freedom

Source: BBC, 1 April 2014

Fighting the system used to be dangerous anywhere in Eastern Europe. For one protester from a small Romanian village it was disastrous – and also for his family, whose every word was recorded by the secret police. 373 more words

Hot News - Chinese dissident Tan Zuoren released after five-year prison term

SCMP reports activist Tan Zuoren, who was jailed for five years after investigating the deaths of thousands of children in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, was released yesterday, said two fellow rights campaigners, although his whereabouts remained unknown. 9 more words

Hot News

Reports of eye witness accounts of Freeport’s human rights abuses

Freeport, by its own account, has co-operated with, financed and supported the Indonesian military in West Papua. More disturbing, there have been multiple eye witness reports of Freeport security taking direct part in human rights abuses in the past, with multiple sources commenting on different incidences, in different places at different times. 828 more words


Concerns of Freeport corruption

Recent allegations of Freeport corruption are in regard to possible breaches of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. In 2003 Freeport acknowledged it paid Indonesian military and police units and officials for protection. 1,576 more words