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“Louise often feels like part of her is “acting.” At the same time , “there is another part ‘inside’ that is not connecting with the me that is talking to you,” she says.

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Experiences in Dissociation

In grad school, I fell in love with Dissociation Disorders. Of course I had heard about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID; formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) and did a little researching in undergrad, but when I studied them further in my psychopathology course, I found them to be infinitely fascinating. 961 more words



Photo taken by contributor Annie, a woman who lives with depression, anxiety, PTSD, dissociative disorder and a myriad of other issues that haunt her. She enjoys writing and art, and escapes reality by reading or being among trees. 52 more words


What's in a Name

This is an exercise I did for a workshop–to reveal yourself via your name:

Amy. Such a short name–a simple name. A name reserved for a sun-bleached blond girl who fishes with the boys and wants to hook the worms, curious about the guts of dirt. 281 more words

Mental Illness

Trying To Connect

Photo taken by contributor Annie, a woman who has battled depression, major anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and dissociative disorder.

About this photo: “When I saw this tree, it spoke to me in many ways.   63 more words


Ode to Louise Gluck

I’m writing this poem based on my favorite poem by Gluck–“Mutable Earth.”  I carry that one with me in my wallet.  Rosanna Warren has described Gluck’s writing, for one as–“her–power is to distance the lyric ‘I’ as subject and object of attention” and to “impose a discipline of detachment upon urgently subjective material”  William Logan from the New York Times described her work as “the logical outcome of a certain strain of confessional verse–starved adjectives, thinned to a nervous set of verbs, intense almost past bearing, her poems have been dark, damaged and difficult to avert your gaze from.” (taken from… 249 more words

Mental Illness

A great day at group!

We went to group today. it was great. We met another doggy there who was training to be a service dog! This puppy was with an organization. 68 more words