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just hold on

You’ve come to realize the depths of your self-loathing today. You subscribe to “dissociative identity disorder” google news alerts, and today you received such an alert. 659 more words


Have You Had Your I.Q. Tested?

No. No, I haven’t. How could any number match the eternities of my essence? The art gallery you walk through; thinking that I am the gallery.  147 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Teen Fiction and Mental Health

“For someone who feels alone, a friends awaits within the pages – someone who says, Yes, I’ve been there. Have gone through that. am suffering along with you.” 

636 more words

withdrawal interrupted

I’m waiting for the 1-800-bad drug commercials to switch from the vaginal mesh to Cymbalta.
Worst withdrawal ever….and I’ve been through detox for many a drug. 466 more words

Warfare: A Poem

I have both inky oblivion, and kindly compassion burning inside of me

If you don’t know both, you only know one part of a shattered whole… 18 more words

Bipolar Disorder

The Strangest Thing

Maybe this epiphany isn’t the strangest thing, I mean, I sure didn’t expect to be having Electroconvulsive Therapy at eighteen years old. If you had told me that when I was fifteen, I probably would have laughed at you. 592 more words

Bipolar Disorder

My Human Mask

How many research papers have I dissected?

Constructing meticulously a uniform to wear in this world

Dress the body well, dress it stylishly

Details are important, they do not denote self-neglect… 50 more words

Bipolar Disorder