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Love and the Ocean (RIP Ronald Baggs, 1941-2014)

just one drop of rain
fell into the wide ocean
dissolved in the sea

Ron dissolved into Love
where Love is, so too is Ron


Can I Dissolve My Medicaid Trust?

Before we look at Medicaid trusts, we should explain why Medicaid should matter to you. Most people are aware of the fact that Medicaid is a government health insurance program that is in place to help people who are financially needy. 147 more words

An Open Letter to Mars Hill

Dear Mars Hill,
In many ways, what you, I, and the whole world sees happening to your church is completely deserved. You had an incredibly gifted and passionate pastor, who abused the control he was given. 1,089 more words



Smokey blue-grey sky
Down a dismal river bank
Craggy trees dissolve


Bang On Design

It’s always exciting when someone creates a new packaging or product innovation that changes the face of that category entirely and potentially sets the future of it. 197 more words

Graphic Design

On the Infinitesimal

Stormy ocean waves.

As if the whole body were made up of eyes, all I see is what I am.