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Top Story - Video: How To Dissolve Egg Shells

I don’t why you would NEED to do this but I suppose it’s cool.

Oh, Duh! It’s a pickled egg. People eat them!

Dangerous Words

parting my breath / so cold (haiku)

while parting my breath 
how heavy the trunks seem
on a winter’s night                                          (1)


so cold – so cold
I wrap the trees with my breath – … 284 more words

Damien Chazell on 'Pushing Yourself'

“If you’re going to play music or do any art form, just as a hobby or as purely a source of enjoyment, then yeah, you should enjoy it. 175 more words


Shaken, Not Stirred

When it comes to pigmented inks, they aren’t set and forget. By that I mean you can’t place a bottle of ink on a shelf and expect it to be in pristine condition months or years later. 772 more words



hieroglyphs are hard to read

and i can’t seem to whistle

your breath broke my solitude

the length of your heartbeat

count to zero

Best New Music: Dissolve - 'Where We Are' / 'Statement'

  Whilst comparison to My Bloody Valentine is inevitable, San Franciscan duo Dissolve pull off swirling shoegaze so well that it needn’t be a detrimental connection. ‘Where We Are’ is produced so finely that each star-gazing guitar texture comes out in blissful clarity within a wall of sound that beautifully submerges Inna Kurikova’s heavenly vocal. 31 more words

Three Beams

What Is an Irrevocable Trust?

An irrevocable trust is a type of trust that you cannot dissolve or revoke.  Once you create this type of trust, you cannot call the whole thing off and take back the assets. 157 more words