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La Famiglia

the idea of the ideal
defeats distance
confers a proximity
horizon encircles
our everything
everywhere close
within reach
touchable worlds
the each of us make… 161 more words


too much.

I hate that when I begin to live 5 hours ahead, when we begin to toss around the hypotheticals and “what ifs” precede each sentence, and when he starts to feel certifiably crazy that we get along so well … we each have to take time to decompress from each other. 434 more words

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He travelled a thousand miles just to see her. For the look in her eyes that gave him hope. For her touch that healed his soul and her hugs that made him feel whole. 20 more words



Oh man, today is a big freakin day!

Exactly 4 months ago today, I told Chris goodbye for his 30 day course down in Dallas. Today is the end of that. 81 more words



I can’t help but ask this question, because when someone tends to mean more than a substantial amount to another why does fate have to make it so damn difficult for the two hearts to become one. 182 more words


When strangers
look at me,
I wonder
if they can see
how you hover
near the surface
of my eyes.
Parts of you
tangle with mine… 129 more words