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Life’s all about getting and losing. When you get something you don’t credit life for it, but when you lose something, the very first target of your incrimination is either Life or Fate. 1,551 more words


Goin' Long

Okay, so probably not that long for most people reading a running blog, but long for me. The dogs woke up crazy today and the only way to settle them down is to wear them out, so away we went. 235 more words

Distanţa nu-i nimic, e doar un câmp de flori!

Există prietenii pe care distanţa şi timpul nu reuşesc să le rupă. Şi oricât de departe ar fi America, nu-i totuşi prea departe. Există oameni pe care chiar dacă nu îi vezi cu anii, atunci când îi reîntâlneşti ai impresia că abia ieri v-aţi văzut ultima oară. 14 more words



There seems to be something in the universe right now.. messing up relationships.. I know of three in my life right now. Where one relationship partner seems to be needing space from the other to ‘find themselves’ and deciding to take space away from the other. 787 more words


A Letter

It always feels as though there is nothing I can do. I feel helpless searching for the words that I need to help you feel better. 385 more words

The Messy Life Stuff

How We Met...

Consent was granted, so let’s proceed.

In 1999, I had just finished SS2 (Grade 11) and I wanted to switch schools because I hated my current school, for reasons I can’t even remember now.   837 more words