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Can music in Video games can help to make a game memorable?

Music in a video game might not come across as a major thing; however, it can be the one of most iconic parts.

The music is always going on in the background and though you may not particularly notice its brilliance or even second guess turning the volume down. 213 more words


Distant Worlds in Tokyo, Japan

Distant World returns to Tokyo and Osaka after 4 years away from Japan. This celebrates their 100th concert with Nobuo Uematsu, Emiko Shiratori and Susan Calloway in attendence. 32 more words


Quameno Lore-Page

Galactic brain-boxes! Luckily they don’t enjoy violence, or everyone else would be screwed.

(In the hands of a player they can be as violent as they want, making them very strong.)

Race_Quameno – PDF

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