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When Best Selling Doesn’t Mean Best Writing: The Mind Numbing Problems with Divergent

This post contains spoilers—the main one being that I think this book is terrible.

Never have I read a book that went off the rails so suddenly or so completely. 2,052 more words


Poem of the Week

The Fire has gone cold
My Soul crys for help
Father, save me
You have turned to Darkness

Do not forsake your daughter
You wanted the best for me… 24 more words


Update Time

As this is a page to raise awareness for my upcoming book Survival here are some updates.

First, you are able to make a character to put in our book. 65 more words


Keep It Hidden

There was a crackle over the intercom, and then a pause.
“There has been an escape from holding pen thirty-three,” said an unknown voice. The normally quiet section of the office sprang to life. 465 more words


Poem of the Week

Terrified of the Dark


My father fought hard for what is right

Or maybe what is wrong

The Dark cannot take what isn’t his

The Dark cannot scare us with his threats… 77 more words


The Hunger Games ponderings.

So, this is one of those books where I actually saw the movie first. I have to say that, even though doing so can quite often ruin my experience with a book, that was not the case. 462 more words


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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ponderings.

So, I completed the second installment in the Hunger Games novels and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed in it! I found that the problems that I had with the first novel (catching myself analyzing the writing style) weren’t as evident in this novel. 415 more words

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