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One event. Multiple Stories. Why? pt2

Because of the tint applied to our vision there are things that happened that I will not have seen but you will and vice versa. And there are things that happened that neither of us will have seen. 195 more words

One event. Multiple Stories. Why? pt1

Whenever there is some dramatic event, a fire or let’s say a robbery, after the fact the authorities get statements from as many witnesses as possible. 205 more words

Turn On Media

Turn on media

Catch up on events

Really notice

Distorted values

Broken systems.

In response to 20140406; day 96
Today’s words: distort, system, really, turn, catch




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Gatunek: Hardcore Punk

Piąty album kanadyjskiego zespołu.
Przede wszystkim harcore punk, ale muzycy sięgają również po sąsiedzkie gatunki.
Urozmaicone kompozycje.
Bardzo dobre, oryginalne, potężne instrumenty. 43 more words


Icy Lichens

Rain, freezing rain and LOTS sleet fell most of one day in February, and was expected to continue overnight.

So … once again, I planned to blog ice. 219 more words


Distortion study

Having recently chosen to redirect my practice to explore other concepts, interests or themes; I produced this study to explore in interest in the distorted form. 22 more words

Love is only human, something which is taken for granted but which also holds importance. It has the ability to trap someone, free someone, but all i see is pain, sweet yearning pain which can engulf you. 81 more words