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Distortion Paintings

I wanted to start adding colour to my work and chose to do so through paint. I first created a painting inspired by a different one of my line drawings using watercolours. 110 more words


Development From Line Drawings

I have taken my line drawings to inform a graphite drawing, by adding tone and shading the drawing becomes more realistic. This pushes the perceptions of my viewer’s further than an already unrealistic line drawing. 33 more words

Final Project

Vocal Distortion on Rumour Has It by Adele

I will be looking at the use of Distortion on the Lead Vocals in Rumour Has It by Adele. The purpose of this will be to try and identify how and why this technique was implemented, and if it the desired effect was achieved. 385 more words


Wampler Paisley Drive

This is a tube screamer with some changes and updates. It sounds great. I can make many variants of tube screamer (look for this in another post), but this one has some really nice features. 31 more words


Distortion Line Drawings

I took the images from my photo shoot and used them to inform some line drawings in which I distorted the proportions of the body. I found this a lot harder than I was expecting as it was difficult drawing something to look different than you are used to, whilst still making it look human. 54 more words

Final Project