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Writing: both soul food and a beach

Spring break in an oceanfront cottage. Sounds idyllic, right? Once there, though, I stopped writing. That’s not an excuse. Just an explanation for the weeklong gap in posts. 930 more words



Anxiety takes over everything I do in times like this. So much going on. So much that I want to change and control, but cannot. I have a hard time allowing things to be. 275 more words

S is for Shit, I’m running late.

So it’s five past eleven and I’ve only just turned my laptop on. While it was loading, I was racking my brains for a good word, knowing that if I attempted to look online for one, I would only get distracted by awesome words (Yes, that actually happens. 978 more words

They're having PIZZA... run for cover!

So top tip here for when your teenage son and his friends ask if they can have pizza… in your house… when you are just over 2 weeks into a healthy eating plan and just after you’ve weathered Easter Chocolate Hell. 338 more words

Healthy Eating

Our Camino 2013 - March 28th - 30th

Gus was in “remission” Easter of 2012. We celebrated the promise of that “new beginning” with an Easter egg hunt that had the kids solving mathematical clues and riddles to get to the big prize, a money filled golden egg.  584 more words


The zero theorem

There is not much to say about TZT as it stands out as a highly non-cohesive experience. In part it resembled ’1984′, in part ‘Matrix’ and whilst there is substance in its moral and story it makes for a rather tiresome viewing. 70 more words


How to break bad Internet habits

I have a love-hate relationship with the Internet. Before I had it, I used to write at least double the amount of words I write nowadays. 283 more words