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Giving Novel Writing A Go

For as long as I can remember I have, somewhat secretly, considered myself a writer – in particular, a novelist in waiting. Actually, that’s not perfectly true. 542 more words

A Tale of Two Michaels - Slaughter Defenseless Dogs For Fun - You're Hired! Be Gay - You're A Distraction!

I’m sick of the sick crucifixion of people over what they say. Both Orwell and Warhol (Warwell??? Orhol???) got it right. Everyone can now get a slice of seemingly random- but often meticulously branded –  fame and a constant “hate hour” has more or less been created via 24/7 news-ertainment. 144 more words


Un studio de jeux mobiles flambant neuf à Lyon par Bigpoint

Le studio ludique allemand Bigpoint à une très bonne nouvelle à vous annoncer ! Il a instauré une nouvelle compagnie de jeux mobiles à Lyon ! 41 more words

Jeux Vidéo

Sushi Bar : un jeu rapide remarquable sur Prizee

Aimez-vous les jeux flash culinaires ? Si c’est le cas, vous tombez à propos ! Dans la rubrique des jeux rapides de Prizee, vous retrouverez un ludiciel qui se nomme… 84 more words


Remportez un super jeu de Morpion de voyage avec Prizee

Connaissez-vous le jeu OX ? Ce divertissement a surement dû égayer votre enfance ! Sachez que Prizee vous propose un ludiciel de morpion de voyage qui reprend les mêmes principes. 79 more words


The Sad in Sadsburyville

Henry and I have been going to the park every day. I love all the time I get to spend with him. I try and time it so that we are leaving the house before the Man gets home from work so it doesn’t look like I’m always here up in his junk. 481 more words

Anything But Job Search – Minding Distractions

During my career counseling clients’ follow-up sessions, I usually ask them to share what job search activities they have engaged in and the results if any. 903 more words

Job Search