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Sophie and Loose-Leash Walking, 4-16-14

Sophie and I have been out a couple more times since the last post on this topic.

I did notice that she does really well as long as we’re still in/on my driveway.  266 more words

Clicker Training


His friends all said they loved the way he wrote,
When they read his poems and short stories.
The characters were alive, the readers felt as they’d emote. 234 more words



drowsy, I hear

the rattle of a plastic bag,

the creak of a door,

the shuffling of shoes on carpet.

Each sound amplified

by my lack of concentration. 38 more words


A Gate Slammed

It’s been over a week since the incident but I feel I should write about it, record it.

The Sunday before last a gate slammed. A gate slammed that had slammed repeatedly in the last five years, but this time it had consequences. 369 more words


Eclipsing Mental Interference

When our focus is driven away from the issues we seek to attend to and onto the source or subject matter that instigated the initial mental interference, we interrupt our capacity to be productive.   447 more words

Intuitive Guidance

This Bride Is Absurd!

If I were the groom, I’d start running!

Side note: what else does she have hidden down there???

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9. the Wants

I want to learn

I want to heal.


is it too late for me to do something that helps them

do i need books, where are there still books like that… 256 more words