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Introduction to Java

  Java language was developed by group of person includes Patrick Naughton, Herbert  Schildt, James Gosling, Edrick etc. in 1992. Old name of Java language was OAK that was a failure language for not giving all the features of object oriented language. 228 more words


IEEE Machine Learning for Signal Processing 2014 Paper Accepted

Great news, my submission to the 24th International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing (MLSP)  was recently accepted. More details on the paper, some of the exciting results it describes, a preprint, slides, etc. 315 more words

Text Alignment - Distributed

 Let’s continue the topic of uncommonly used text alignment.  This time, it’s Distributed.

Honestly, another format rarely used in my work life.  So what is it about?


UTM vs Distributed Architecture

UTM vs Distributed Architecture

As this document is being written, the concept of UTM (unified threat management) has been around for more than ten years. Yet, even after these many years, and with so many  vendors now in the market, the UTM co…

Software Engineer

Position: Software Engineer

Company: StartUp

Location: Yoqne’am


Software Engineer (Yoqne’am , Israel)
A bright, experienced engineer, with knowledge in JAVA & Python, familiar with distributed systems for our Management team.

Contact: haizaar @ gmail com

Higher Ed: An Underutilized Ability Placement Network

Recently, I read Michael Horn’s Forbes article titled “Disruptive Innovation and Education” in which he writes that the current higher education system is patterned after the once prevailing factory employment model of the industrial age. 714 more words


Distributed design patterns

El término Distributed design patterns figura en la edición en idioma inglés de Wikipedia. Allí se cube al respecto lo siguiente:

In software program engineering, a distributed design sample is a design sample targeted on distributed computing issues. 24 more words