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Each person’s definition of values differs so maybe I am biting of rather a big subject to address in one go, but here goes.  

Look around, do you feel safe, happy and encouraged by what you see?  1,168 more words

I Hate That. Where does hate come from?

Now I am no expert and could therefore get this very wrong.

When you contemplate the meaning of hate and look around the world we all live in you might wonder as to what causes hate it the first place. 415 more words

The Power of Wealth

Gratitude, is lost in this world
Of possession, accumulation, hoarding
You seek security, and end up losing choice?
And you want prosperity, trading it for freedom? 116 more words


. What elements need to be considered in setting conservation objectives?

It is vital to all of us that we fully understand the complex relationship between the atmosphere and the earth.

The water you drink, the food you eat, the land you live on, and the air you pollute were all obtained at the expense of other creatures. 970 more words


Many people are and have become disillusioned with the present day political system-when over the last few year they have seen their Governments bail out Bankers with their hard-earned money, only to see financiers continue to pay themselves huge bonuses. 710 more words


The kings of capitalism think their privileged positions essentially as a natural right while our Economy, our Democracy and our societies are paying for gross inequities. 694 more words

What can you do in thirteen-thousandths of a second?

A few days ago I posted a blog describing Dark Pools in which High-Frequency traders exploit the stock markets.

If you have read any of my blogs you will see that I have bleated on about Capping Greed as the only solution to tackle our world problems. 757 more words