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Socialist View

So how do we change the world we live in, my answer would be a Socialist Society for this to work a socialist programme must place the working class in control of the distribution of wealth this  will answer the problem of how to provide the facilities in question, through owning the wealth it produces.  144 more words

Capitalism Vs Socialism


A common thief does not typically act with greater force or stealth.

I would guess like me you have tried to get your head around the taxes you pay without much success. 1,358 more words

We don't live in a digital world - the washing machine has changed lives more than the internet.

We do however live in a Capitalist World.

Capitalism is woven into nearly every aspect of our lives, yet it’s rarely subject to substantive conversation. 2,084 more words

What is prevents us from collaborating in a global effort to solve the climate crisis?

The expression, not a hope in hell comes to mind when you consider the likelihood of human beings working together. Human beings are deeply divided by nationality, and sectarian belief and the environmental crises. 396 more words

Quantitative Easing - enough money to stretch from earth to the moon.

Popular media’s definition of quantitative easing focuses on the concept of central banks increasing the size of their balance sheets to increase the amount of credit available to borrowers. 768 more words

Human Morality & Social Justice: an Economic Perspective

By : Arpita Ghosh

Morality and Justice; concepts:

The word moral has its origin in the Latin word ‘mores’ (morals) which means customs or tradition, habits etc. 1,449 more words