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Are we now just beginning to reap the dark side of the Industrial Revolution

The Historiography of the first World War bear witness to destruction and death made possible by the Industrial revolution.

The present day turmoil that we see in the world has its roots created by man during this period. 1,171 more words

China - Gini Coefficient of 55

  According to Forbes and Bloomberg, the GINI coefficient(an indicator of distribution of wealth) in China is 55. Using the graph above we can tell that the wealth in China is concentrated into the hands of the few in the government. 65 more words

You Call This Freedom? (Part II)

by Chaz Bufe

(This essay will appear in the author’s upcoming Provocations: Don’t Call Them Libertarians, AA Lies, and other incitements, which is scheduled for October 2014.) 3,209 more words


Capitalism vs The Climate: This Changes Nothing;

You hear these day cry’s from lots of different quarter for the need of an ideological change if we are to tackle the numerous problems the world currently faces. 534 more words

The universe can only be observed through a brain.

Have you got one ?

You would be right to say that we are all endow with one, but fuck me, just look around the World at the moment and you would be lead to believe that we are all using some prototypes. 597 more words

What Sovereign Wealth Funds Think Now: Its Land.

From the beginning of capitalism the drive for profits has been the major force in dispossession peasant and small-scale farmers from the land and water. 1,874 more words

Definition of the Day 9/1/14 -- Wage Labor

WAGE LABOR, n. 1) Death on the installment plan; 2) The process by which those who work enrich those who don’t.

The Devil’s Dictionaries. Definition by Chaz Bufe.